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Dartmouth provides you with cable TV! Along with widescreen TVs in certain places around campus, at Dartmouth you have instant access to almost 60 channels on your very own computer. This includes channels in 8 different languages! All you need is a Java-enabled web browser and an Ethernet cable, which you can buy at Dartmouth for about $3-6, depending on the length, or you can bring your own. You will also need to be able to connect via ethernet cable to Dartmouth's secure internet network, which you will be taught how to do during orientation soon after you arrive.

Here's the website through which you'll be able to access it when you arrive on campus:

In case you were wondering, here's a full listing of the channels that Dartmouth offers through DarTV:

    o Ch. 2: Dartmouth Overflow Programming
    o Ch. 3: JMC Jones Media Center Bulletin Board/New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR)
    o Ch. 4: CCTV-4 (Chinese)
    o Ch. 5: TV5MOND (French)
    o Ch. 6: DWTV Deutsche Welle (German)
    o Ch. 7: ALJZ Al-Jazeera (Arabic)
    o Ch. 8: RGTI Rede Globo TV Internacional (Portuguese)
    o Ch. 9: PRSBN Prosiebensat1.Welt (German)
    o Ch. 10: UNI UNIVISION (Spanish)
    o Ch. 11: NTVI NTV International (Russian)
    o Ch. 12: SCI-FI Sci Fi Channel
    o Ch. 13: DTV! Dartmouth Student Television
    o Ch. 14: FX FX Network
    o Ch. 15: BRAVO BRAVO TV
    o Ch. 16: UPN WSBK 38 Boston
    o Ch. 17: WWBILP PAX Network
    o Ch. 18: AETV Arts & Entertainment Television
    o Ch. 19: DISN Disney Channel
    o Ch. 20: CSPAN Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network
    o Ch. 21: CSPAN 2 Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network 2
    o Ch. 22: TOON Cartoon Network
    o Ch. 23: HISTORY History Channel
    o Ch. 24: TVLAND TV Land Network
    o Ch. 25: MSNBC Microsoft Network
    o Ch. 26: NECN New England Cable News
    o Ch. 27: FNC FOX News
    o Ch. 28: COURT Court TV
    o Ch. 29: CNN Cable News Network
    o Ch. 30: CNNH CNN Headline News
    o Ch. 31: TWC The Weather Channel
    o Ch. 32: CNBC Cable National Broadcast Company
    o Ch. 33: ESPN Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
    o Ch. 34 ESPN2 Entertainment and Sports Programming Network 2
    o Ch. 35: FSNY2 FOX Sports New York (Upstate NY Feed)
    o Ch. 36: NESN New England Sports Network
    o Ch. 37: TNT Turner Network Television
    o Ch. 38: EWTN Eternal World Television Network
    o Ch. 39: HALMRK Hallmark Channel
    o Ch. 40: FAM ABC Family
    o Ch. 41: E-TV Entertainment Television
    o Ch. 42: WBZ (CBS) WBZ 4 Boston
    o Ch. 43: WNNE (NBC) WNNE 31 Hanover
    o Ch. 44: COMEDY Comedy Central
    o Ch. 45: TLC The Learning Channel
    o Ch. 46: CATV8 (Public Acess)
    o Ch. 47: WMUR 9 (ABC) Manchester, NH
    o Ch. 48: UVEC Upper Valley Educational Television
    o Ch. 49: WEKW (NHPR) New Hampshire Public Television
    o Ch. 50: FOX WFFF 44 Burlington
    o Ch. 51: DISC Discovery Channel
    o Ch. 52: BET Black Entertainment Television
    o Ch. 53: FOOD The Food Network
    o Ch. 54: HGTV Home & Garden TV
    o Ch. 55: ANIMAL Animal Planet
    o Ch. 56: TEST Network Services TEST Channel
    o Ch. 57: CMTV Country Music TV
    o Ch. 58: MTV Music Television
    o Ch. 59: VH1 Video Hits One
    o Ch. 60 : USA USA Network
    o Ch. 61: SPIKETV Spike TV
    o Ch. 62: TBS Turner Broadcasting System
    o Ch. 63: MTVU MTV University

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