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Dartmouth Lingo

When does the performance start? @NOW!
A shortened version of awkward. Often paired with the word rando.
The main library. Baker is the old part, Berry is the new side. A large series of interconnected buildings, it offers a wide range of places to study, from the old school, to the serene, to the sociable Novack Cafe.
A Big Empty Meeting Area located behind the East Wheelock cluster. This hidden grassy area in the woods serves as the site of Freshman bonding activities, as well as the Senior class picture. You can also find a statue of Robert Frost '96 (as in 1896) here.
Breakfast for a Buck! A few times a term, the UGA's will cook a large breakfast for the cluster. Bring your own bowls/plates/cups/utensils and a dollar, and enjoy.
Billy Bob
This breakfast-wrap of choice for many Dartmouth students can be found at the Hop, and contains liberal portions of steak, egg, and cheese.
Dartmouth's email system. Used in place of "email," both as a noun and verb. Nobody ever says "e-mail," ever. It makes sense blitz came first.
If your roommates/friends get a hold of your laptop while you are still logged into blitz, you are most likely going to be blitz-jacked, where they might send out a flitz to that girl/guy down the hall, or worse, your professor.
Blitz War
When somebody accidentally forgets to hide or repress the recipient list (see below) in a massive blitz/advertisement to the whole campus, you become vulnerable to the possibility of a Blitz War. Especially common during exam periods, a Blitz War involves hundreds of students having a public conversation that jams up everybody's inbox. Don't be 'that guy' who forgets to repress their recipient lists!
A chain food-place located in Hanover, Boloco serves burritos, wraps, shakes and salads. Strange name, decent food.
A feature within Blitz that lets you monitor updates put out by a particular group, or department. The most popular bulleting to follow is the Free Food Bulletin, which maintains a list of when/where all the free food events are going on on campus.
CD (Community Director)
A UGA or UGA's. The Community Director basically oversees all of the UGA's in the cluster, and helps co-ordinate social events for everybody. They also are the ones who dole out the SIPS money.
A mark on your transcript that professors place there to indicate outstanding academic achievement. They are very rare to get, but they are a huge honor, nonetheless.
A residential cluster is a small group of dorms in the same area, which all share a common community director (CD). The freshman clusters are: The Choates, Russel-Sage, McLaughlin, The River, and East Wheelock.
A term used to describe neo-hippy, tree-hugging, organic-farming, DOC enthousiasts, as well as their favorite trail snack, organic granola.
COCO (College Course)
Colege courses are not really in a specific department, as they are very interdisciplinary in nature. These can provide a great way to fulfill those distribs, while learning about some topic that you will never again get a chance to study. (Crusades and Jihad, anybody?)
Collis Pasta
A very popular dinner option at Collis. Imagine the customizability of a salad bar, plus the freshly-cooked heartiness of pasta equals dinner perfection. Eat up, and enjoy.
There are three types of money on your Dartmouth card: Regular DBA, and Topside DBA. DA$H has two main purposes. It's the only form of Dartmouth card money accepted outside of the dining system, so it is used for washers and dryers, tickets to Hop performances, grilled cheese on Webster Ave., and a multitude of random uses. Of the non-food items in Topside, some are available using Topside DBA, some require DA$H.
Dartmouth's television system, which sends your television signal over the internet. This way, you can watch live TV on your laptop, or on a television with a special converter box you can buy/rent from computing services.
DBA (Declining Balance Account)
The money used for Dartmouth's meal plan. Every time you buy some food, the price of the items gets deducted from your account. It's an a la carte system. Also see Topside DBA.
DDS (Dartmouth Dining Services)
They run all the food places on campus.
The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center is the Dartmouth-run hospital, which treats Dartmouth students, as well as hundreds of thousands of other patients per year in the Upper Valley.
Dick's House
The campus health services/pharmacy. If your condition is a little more serious, you will be transfered to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
The many different academic distributive requirements for graduation.
DND (Dartmouth Name Directory)
The DND allows students to search for eachother within blitz using names, nicknames, and class years. You can also use this tool to find out somebody's HB number.
DOC (Dartmouth Outing Club)
The Dartmouth Outing Club is Dartmouth's largest student organization. Founded 100 years ago (as of 2009), this club organizes a huge variety of outing trips that take advantage of the mountains and rivers of New Hampshire, as well as all around the world. The DOC is primarily responsible for planning traditions such as the freshman DOC trips, as well as Winter Carnival.
D-Plan (Dartmouth plan)
If you haven't heard the pitch during the campus tour, it's a student's schedule of on or off terms. Since everyone is required to stay the summer after their sophomore year, students typically will take a term off during the regular academic year when they are sophomores or juniors. Study abroad opportunities also abound. You'll need to file your D-Plan before the end of your first year, although it is easy to modify afterwards.
Responsible for hordes of tired first-years, drill is early morning (or sometimes early evening) language sessions required in most lower-level language courses.
EBAs (Everything But Anchovies)
One of Hanover's pizza places, EBAs is legendary (and crucial) for its deliveries until 2:10 a.m. every night.
A concept where students go somewhere in order to see and be seen. This can mean spending time talking to a friend you haven't seen in a while, or going somewhere filled with a lot of people, and getting 'facetime' with the whole crowd at once.
Your freshman floor is like a family. Incest with a member of your floor is highly discouraged, but probably not as much so as violating the rules against trip-cest. (see also: trip-cest)
The nickname for Food Court. Dartmouth's biggest dining hall, which serves up your basic cafeteria food.
A flirty blitz.
Frat Flats
The one pair of flats in a girl's closet relegated to being used solely when going to fraternities. These shoes are highly liable to 'get fratted on' by the sewage that floats on the basement floors, and you don't want to have to ruin more than one pair.
Frat Row
The nickname for Webster Avenue, this is where many fraternities and sororities are located, along with the president's house. Across the street from Berry library.
Fratted On
When you walk out of a fraternity basement and into the light, you will see this brown mud covering your shoes and legs. You have officially been fratted on.
One of FoCo's most popular culinary delights is the frozen yogurt. Whenever possible, students like to order their fro-yo from fo-co to-go, yo.
FSP (Foreign Study Program)
Over half of Dartmouth students study abroad before they graduate. This is one of the two main programs Dartmouth offers. See also LSA.
A small dance club located in the basement of Collis that often has bands perform.
A class that is taken specifically because 'you heard from somebody' that it was supposed to be easy.
The Green
Once a grazing pasture for the local farmers' cattle, this large grassy area serves as the central point of campus. Come here to catch some Z's, frisbees, or UV's.
GA (Graudate Advisor)
Each cluster has one grad student to whom a student can go for guidance on subjects such as writing resumés, and applying to graduate school.
H. Po
The Hanover Police.
Hanover FSP
Sometimes students don't want to actually 'leave' during a leave term, so they do the Hanover FSP by staying on campus and not taking classes. Students will spend their time doing research, working a full-time job, or sometimes working to perfect their ultimate frisbee skills.
HB (Hinman Box)
Your mailbox in the Hop. The box and number stay the same for your full time at Dartmouth.
The Hop
The Hopkins Center for Performing Arts. This nickname might also refer to the Courtyard Café, which is the dining hall located there.
Your Hometown Honey is the girl/guy back home who you promised to skype with every night, but in a phenomenon known as the 'Turkey Drop', you end up breaking up with them when you return home over Thanksgiving break.
Late Night Collis is a popular place to grab that midnight snack, with a different menu than normal Collis dining.
LSA (Language Study Abroad)
Similar to the Foreign Study Program, but features a language-immersioncomponent.
North Face
The most popular winter fleece of the student body can be simply referred to by their brand name. Students joke that the whole campus likes to play a game called 'Musical North Face Jackets'. At any given event, there is one more person there who thinks they brought their North Face than there are North Face jackets. Therefore, someone always goes home without a jacket. This is why you will receive so many 'Lost: North Face Jacket' blitzes throughout your time at Dartmouth.
Dartmouth's equivalent of a pass/fail option, you can set a minimum grade, and then anything else will appear on your transcript as a pass or fail. It can only be used a limited number of times.
OPAL (Office of Pluralism and Leadership)
The central agency which oversees a variety of student communities relating to gender, race, culture, sexuality, and socio-economic class.
ORC (Organizations, Regulations, and Courses)
A thick handbook that explains rules and lists course descriptions, most of it can be found online at the ORC website.
ORL (Office of Residential Life)
They are in charge of housing and the residence halls.
The Panhellenic Council is the governing body for Dartmouth's sorrorities.
Also known as the Parkhurst Sabbatical, or the Parkhurst FSP, a student who violates the honor code is liable to be forced (not asked) to take 3 terms off from school. Parkhurst is the administrative buildings which holds the President's office, and the various Deans' offices where such a decision would be made. Despite the fun names, this is serious business.
Pavilion Cookies
These cookies are famously amazing, and always hot out of the oven. Combine these with some fro-yo from foco to-go (yo) and they make one heavenly dessert combo.
A popular drinking game that was invented at Dartmouth, and has been played here since at least the 1950s. The game is played with handle-less ping pong paddles and a ping pong ball, similar the original atari game of the same name. If it is played without paddles, then it is simply a lesser-game called beirut.
Until recently, you guys would have been considered 'prospies' or prospective students. This coming year, you will have the chance to host a few prospies of your own!
The 'D' once explained it best when they wrote: To drink and cavort, to socialize and have a good time, all to a higher degree than merely 'to party.'
A word used to describe a random person that nobody knows. Often used to describe a townie who tries to gain entrance to a frat party.
Repress Recipient List
When sending a campus-wide blitz, always remember to repress the recipient list, so that nobody can see/reply all to everyone else you have sent the message to. Otherwise, you might have a massive blitz war on your hands.
The River
No, not just any river, but THE river. The river is an infamous freshman cluster which is widely considered the worst of all the dorms. For some, living in an actual river would be preferable.
Robinson Hall, the headquarters of the DOC, as well as many of the student publication.
The nickname for the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center, which is the home of the government department.
S&S (Safety and Security)
Dartmouth's campus security.
Salty Dog Rag
A traditional dance that Dartmouth students have been doing on their freshman DOC trips since approximately the beginning of time.
At Dartmouth, if you brag about yourself or come off as arrogant, other students will be prompted to call you out on it by shouting "SELF CAAALLL". ("Wow, it's like 95 degrees out here, I'm so hot!" "Self-Call!")
Senior Societies
Senior societies are Dartmouth's version of Secret Socieites. These exclusive societies are made up of seniors who meet once a week at various physical plants around campus. As opposed to undergraduate socieites, their membership is exclusive, and new members are tapped sometime during junior year.
You guys, a.k.a. Freshman! (for whom this 'Shmen Guide is written)
The 'Green Book', which is essentially a face book of all your fellow 'shmen. Before, this is all you had to figure out who that cute guy/girl you met at foco was.
An expression used by upperclassmen to mock large groups of first-years traveling together in 'freshman mobs.'
Student-Initiated Programs are social programming that students can receive funding for from the cluster's Community Director. Students have done everything from free movie/pizza nights to free trips to boston to see a show. If faculty are included in the event, it is called FSIPs, and it is then elligible for more funding.
Sussel Rage
A popular nickname for Russel Sage, one of the freshman dorms. see also: Rage
Third Class
Students normally take three classes per term. Many students find that their first class choice will be reserved for whatever they are majoring in. The second class usually goes to fulfilling a minor and/or distrib. Finally, students are always asking for a recommendation for a good 'third class', which is often a no-strings attatched class that you are looking to take simply for personal interest.
A nickname for the local residents of Hanover. You'll often see them trying frivolously to gain entrance to parties, especially on big weekends.
Incest with someone on your Freshman Trip. It's just plain WRONG.
A fellow member of your Freshman DOC Trip. Expect to have many trip reunions with them throughout freshman year and beyond.
UGA (Undergraduate Advisor)
A UGA at Dartmouth is similar to an RA. Everybody has one UGA per floor, and it is their responsibility to oversee floor meetings, and also to put on social events for the floor, the dorm, or the cluster.
Undergraduate Societies
Dartmouth's Amarna and Panarchy are the two undergraduate socities. They have open membership and function in a similar way to fraternities as a social space on campus.
In the summer, you take short-cuts. In the winter, you take warm-cuts. More specifically, it is highly advised to plan any walking route to include cutting through a few buildings so that you are only partially frozen upon arrival.
Every class has a unique class time which can be used by a professor to hold extra classes, makeup exams, or review sessions. For some difficult classes, the teacher will use the X-hour every week, but others might not use them at all.

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