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A laptop is a must at Dartmouth! With a campus-wide wireless network, a laptop means you can do your work where you want and when you want and always be on the network. No more waiting for a computer in the library or having to survive without the internet. Use your computer the way you want to.

"Blitz" might be the most used word at Dartmouth - it's the ubiquitous name of our email program. Get used to Blitz quickly! Blitz is the gateway to life at Dartmouth; no student can live without it. Soon enough, you'll find yourself checking your Blitz on your computer, public computers, and your friend's computer. If you're not too fond of your full name, Blitz lets you choose a nickname; just keep it simple. Furthermore, Blitz Bulletins are the perfect place to check for organization or Department updates. Also, Dartmouth uses Public File Servers, where students can obtain software and other documents for courses, or store their own files online. Buying your computer from Dartmouth ensures this will work correctly (or at least if it doesn't you can get it fixed easily and cheaply). Additionally, students have access to their own webpage, just sign up with Computing Services. Choose a computer that works for you; don't worry about what businesses use or what you might have at home. Use your computer as a tool to enhance your life—it shouldn't consume it or frustrate it.

For more help, check out Computing Services.

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