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Dartmouth recently upgraded to Microsoft Outlook. It is compatible with many email clients and can be synced with them. To find out how, click here.

To login to Blitz Web Access, you will need your Dartmouth ID. In addition to the ID numbers you add a “D” in front of it when logging into Microsoft Outlook. An example of a Dartmouth ID is d35782k. You will know your ID is entered correctly if it begins with a “d” and ends with a letter. You will be assigned a password in the mail but it is recommended that you change it to something you are more familiar with.

Outlook behaves like any standard email service. To access your mail, click on “outlook” and it will bring you to your inbox. Pro-tip: Only refer to the messages you send as “blitzes” not “emails.”

Any additional information and troubleshooting can be found here.

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