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101 Things to Do

1. Skate on Occom Pond
2. Order EBAs at 2:09 AM
3. Attend an indoor sporting event
4. Have breakfast at Lou's
5. Go to the top of Baker Tower
6. Run around the bonfire
7. Watch the polar bear swim
8. Touch Bentley's nose for good luck
9. Eat at Fort Lou's All Night Diner
10. Get lost taking Advanced Transit
11. Take a professor to lunch on Dartmouth’s dime
12. Eat a Boloco’s inspired burrito
13. Make something at the jewelry studio
14. Stay at the library late enough to hear the closing announcement
15. Be in a 24 hour space where you don't leave after the closing announcement
16. Eat at Molly's
17. See a movie in Loew Theater
18. Visit Howe Library
19. Swim in the river
20. Have tea in Sanborn
21. Visit Nathan's Garden
22. Hike Balch Hill and have a picnic
23. Stargaze on the golf course
24. Combine Pavilion cookies and vanilla soft-serve
25. Go into the art gallery at the HOP
26. Study (or fall asleep) in Baker Tower
27. Donate to a cause using DASH
28. Try to get the college photographer to take your picture
29. Have dinner at Moosilauke Lodge
30. Borrow a movie from Jones Media Center
31. Take out a canoe from Ledyard
32. Make an item at the woodworking shop
33. Go sledding on the golf course
34. Visit the greenhouse on the top of Gilman
35. Visit the telescope during open hours
36. Ask to see something interesting in Rauner Library
37. Visit the murals in Cutter Shabazz
38. Be at the Top of the Hop for sunset
39. Experience your nostrils freezing
40. Experience your eyelashes freezing
41. Buy a warmer winter coat.
42. Pick a random class and take it just because it might be interesting
43. Go to a talk at the Rockefeller Center
44. Introduce yourself by your class year to someone who has no idea what it means
45. Go to a student assembly meeting
46. Go apple picking
47. Study/work/volunteer abroad
48. Go to Montreal
49. See a movie at the HOP
50. Take ballroom or swing dancing lessons
51. Study on the Green
52. Watch TV while running in the gym
53. Make your own sundae in ‘53 Commons
54. Volunteer with Tucker
55. Major in something you LOVE
56. Take the Dartmouth Coach to Boston
57. Visit the Organic Farm
58. Go skiing
59. Rent a DOC cabin
60. Visit King Arthur Flour Factory
61. Take the Steam Tunnel Tour
62. Hang out at One Wheelock
63. Visit all seven libraries
64. Learn a new language
65. Visit the HOOD Museum of Art
66. Play frisbee on the Green
67. Play croquet on the Green
68. Have friends from home come visit
69. Hike to Velvet Rocks
70. Have lunch with the President
71. Go running on the golf course
72. Watch Animal House
73. Have a snowball fight
74. Visit the rock climbing gym
75. Road trip to friend's college to experience something different for a weekend
76. Go to a performance at the HOP
77. Wear Dartmouth clothing in the airport
78. Walk to Norwich, VT
79. When you make it there, visit the Dan + Whit's store
80. Go to Thursday night salsa
81. Enjoy a long Sunday Brunch
82. Play pool in Collis or Thayer
83. Buy (and use) a Dartmouth film society pass
84. Run or walk along Pine Park Trail
85. Take a Miniversity class
86. Go to the Randall Drive-In movie theater in Bethel or Fairlee, VT
87. Attend an outdoor sporting event
88. Watch an episode of Gray's Anatomy with other Dartmouth students
89. Cheer at any Dartmouth references
90. Memorize the alma mater
91. Make s'mores on Gilman Island
92. Play squash
93. Attend an AGORA dinner
94. Research something that fascinates you on Dartmouth's dime
95. Watch the Christmas carolers on the Green before December break, regardless of your religion
96. Hope it snows
97. Walk around Woodstock, VT
98. Get invited to eat dinner at Foley House
99. See the sunrise, but not after a night of work
100. Go to the local Farmer's marker
101. Climb Gile Mountain, and its fire tower

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