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Graduate Student, Dartmouth College
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Norris Social & Affective Neuroscience Lab



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Undergraduate: I attended The George Washington University where I spent most of my time engrossed in politics and learning about the legal system, and yet there was this inconvenient interest in psychology that I simply couldn't ignore. Given this, I pursued BAs in psychology and political science which lead me to a variety of internships ranging from a feeding disorders clinic at Children's National Medical Center to the Campaign for Youth Justice at the Juvenile Justice Institute.

The Work Years: Upon graduation, I took my shiny new degree to a law firm where I worked as a paralegal for a year and discovered that I absolutely did not want to pursue a legal career. Recalling how much I enjoyed working at Children's National Medical Center, I applied for a research position and was fortunate to obtain one with Sandra Cushner-Weinstein, LSW. During this time, we conducted quality of life research with children suffering from chronic health conditions (epilepsy, Tourette's Syndrome, neurofibromatosis, autism). Additionally, I was (and continue to be) highly involved with her Brainy Camps program that provides these children with a week of overnight summer camp where they get to meet other kids like them and have fun in a safe environment. After a year, I began to have thoughts of graduate school but wanted to learn more about clinical research before I committed to a field of study. To this end, I spent a year at KAI Research, Inc. providing support on research projects including a 14-year longitudinal study following children and teens with ADHD, pharmaceutical interventions to help methamphetamine users quit, and the health benefits of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) for individuals with various health disorders.

Dartmouth College: And here I am! I've spent the past 4 years learning all I can about social neuroscience, running studies, applying for funding, and getting my research out into the field. When I'm not being a scientist, I enjoy braving the outdoors to ski and hike (NH is definitely the place for such things), and getting together with friends to cook and share a drink. I also enjoy traveling and most recently visited Thailand and Vietnam, where I learned how to cook, rode an elephant, and managed to keep myself from working for 2 whole weeks.





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Sarah E. Henderson
Dartmouth College
6207 Moore Hall
Hanover, NH 03755



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