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Congratulations SHEBA newbies!
Ethan Canty
Chloe Chah
Olivia Field
Sheya Jabouin
Erukana Kazibwe
Hector Lopez
Gabriela Maica
George Sy  


SHEBA Dance Troupe can be reached at sdt@dartmouth.edu.

You can also contact any of our current officers:

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SHEBA Dance Troupe

5084 Hinman Box

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755


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Woven Accents antique rugs gallery offers something special for students. Woven has a selection of rugs specifically geared to students. A rug, especially an antique rug or an antique recreation, will bring a sense of warmth and calm to any student's room

Sheba hip hop dance troupe members wear everything at dance performances from hooded sweatshirts, to shirts and ties, to sarongs . These beautiful outfits add to the uniqueness of the performances that the dance troupe puts on.

Dance troupe members dance into the hearts of people throughout New Hampshire that have experienced their dance shows. John Smith, a moving company specialist, was so moved by the dance troupe`s performance that he has now begun listening to the dance troupe music in his moving truck and exhibits a very positive outlook on life.