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About Shanti

Shanti is the official organization, under the Tucker Foundation, representing the Hindu faith at Dartmouth. It was established in 2002 in order to cater for the religious needs of the growing Hindu community at the college. Today, it has expanded to not only serve the religious, cultural and philosophical needs of undergraduate community at Dartmouth, but also the graduate student and Upper Valley Hindu communities.

Although a Hindu organization, Shanti aims to serve all sections of the Dartmouth community, irrespective of religious or cultural beliefs and background. At the core of the organization's aims is the dedication to promote the universality of all religions, and the use of faith as a means of achieving Shanti- peace- and understanding amongst all peoples of the world. This is in keeping true to one of the most famous couplets in the millennia old Hindu scriptures, the Upanishads, "Ekam sat, Vipra bahuda vadanti"---There is but one truth; the learned call it by many names.

The organization is currently going through a period of great renewal, and many exciting activities are planned for the very near future. We hope that you too shall choose to be associated with Shanti, help us promote the universality of all religions, and learn a bit more about the oldest religion in the world- Hinduism.