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Getting Paid

Before You Begin Working- Required Paperwork

Every Dartmouth College employee must complete legal documents (below) to verify their eligibility to work within three days of starting their position. Paperwork cannot be completed prior to having a job. 

  • Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification:  Federal law requires that this form must be completed within 3 days of the start date of your new job.  This form must be completed in person and you must bring original documents with you from the "List of Acceptable Documents" found on Page 5 of the linked form.  Photocopies of your documents cannot be accepted.

    You may complete this form with either an trained I-9 Division Representative (list available on the General Counsel's website), the Payroll Office at 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 309 (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.), or the Human Resources Office at 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 203 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.).  No appointment is necessary at Payroll or Human Resources. 

  • Federal Form W-4 (tax form):  This form (used to determine withholding allowances for tax purposes) may be handed in to the Payroll Office (HB 6161 or Suite #309 at 7 Lebanon Street).

  • Direct Deposit: Completion of the Employee Information Form allows the employee to designate up to two U.S. bank accounts for direct electronic deposit of their net earnings. (STRONGLY ENCOURAGED) You will need to provide your bank routing number and account numbers (a voided check can be provided for this information).  This form may be handed in to the Payroll Office (HB 6161 or Suite #309 at 7 Lebanon Street).

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Kronos: Using e-Timecards

As of July 2014, all hourly-paid students hired at Dartmouth College must record their worked time in the Kronos electronic timecard system. Employees are paid bi-weekly, according to the Student Pay Schedule published by the Payroll Office.

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Employee Role in Timecards:

  1. Employees must watch the online Kronos Training video for student employees to learn how to use the Kronos Electronic Timescard system. (There are no instructions in Kronos!) Please note: There are some employers that use Kronos e-time clocks rather than Kronos web entry. Employers who use e-clocks will train their employees to use them and the employees will not use web-entry for that job.
  2. After receiving an email from, employee should log-in and record their time on the Kronos web entry screen - every time they work.  The Payroll Office has published Kronos Technical Support Documents that may be helpful in preparing your personal computer to access/run the Kronos system.
  3. Each shift must be 'transferred' (by the employee) to the correct student job. (This is the only way an employer knows which hours are attributed to a particular job.)
  4. Employees must 'save' their time entry. Kronos does not auto-save.
  5. Employees should correct any errors in their timecard when alerted by their employer. The window of time for this is quite short. Corrections are due by noon on the Monday following the pay period.

Top 5 Student Kronos Issues & how to resolve them (pdf, 216KB)

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Any time worked in excess of 40 hours per week (not 80 hours in a biweekly pay period) are considered overtime. This applies to all work an employee performs for any number of departments in which a college paycheck will be issued. If an employee has two or more different jobs, the overtime hours will be pro-rated equitably among the employer accounts. Employers are responsible for paying 100% of the overtime hours, paid at 1.5 times the blended rate of pay.

As an employee, you should let your employer know if your combined work hours are at risk of reaching or exceeding 40 hours in one work week (defined as Sunday through Saturday). Employers generally wish to avoid overtime and may instruct employees to reduce their schedule to minimize the likelihood of accruing 40+ worked hours.

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Submit a late or corrected timecard:

If a student employee discovers a mistake in their timecard or needs to revise their hours for any reason, the employee must complete a Student Timecard for Corrections (available on the Payroll website) to correct the employee hours and pay. Changes to any past pay periods cannot be made in Kronos. Corrected timecards will be researched and processed with the next payroll when submitted by the deadline.

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Unless the employee has set up Direct Deposit, paychecks for student employees will be mailed to the student's Hinman box. Student employees are strongly encouraged to set up Direct Deposit as it gives the employee access to their earnings in a more timely manner. Employees who have chosen to use Direct Deposit will have their paystub mailed to their Hinman box.

Between terms and during terms in which a student is not enrolled, student mail is forwarded from the Hinman Mail Center. If a student will be receiving a paycheck (or paystub) during that period, it is imperative that the individual designate a temporary forwarding address (under "Address/Contact Information" section) in Banner Student. If no temporary contact information is given, Hinman will mail paychecks or paystubs to the home address recorded in Banner Student.

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Last Updated: 1/23/15