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Getting Paid

Paperwork (Before You Begin Working)

Every Dartmouth employee must complete legal documents (below) to verify their eligibility to work within three days of starting their position. Paperwork cannot be completed prior to having a job. 

  • Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification:  This form must be completed within 3 days of the start date of your new job.  To complete this form, you must bring original documents with you from the "List of Acceptable Documents" found on Page 5 of the linked form.  Photocopies of your documents cannot be accepted.  You may complete this form with your department, if they are certified to complete the Federal Form I-9 (your supervisor will tell you if they have a representative certified to complete Form I-9) OR you may go to the Payroll Office at 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 309 (between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.) or the Human Resources Office at 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 203 (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.).  No appointment is necessary. 
  • Federal Form W-4 (tax form):  This form may be handed in to either the Payroll Office or the Human Resources Office.
  • Employee Information Sheet (for Direct Deposit):  Complete this form to have your paycheck Direct Deposited into your bank account.  You will need to provide your bank routing number and account number (a voided check can be provided for this information).  This form may be handed in to either the Payroll Office or the Human Resources Office.

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Student Timesheets and instructions are available online (in excel format) from the Controller's Office. (You will also find the timesheet instructions and a Q&A document.) 

The supervisor will need to complete the sections of the timesheet that tells the Finance Center:

  • Department Name, Contact Name & Phone (Supervisor Name & Phone)
  • Jobnet number
  • Funding source (chart string) 
  • Student employee's hourly wage

It's easiest if the supervisor completes these portions and gives the student an electronic 'template' to work from. Once the student has entered their hours on the spreadsheet, s/he will need to print and sign the timesheet and give it to the supervisor according to the schedule worked out with the supervisor.

Supervisors review and verify employee's hours. If there are any questions regarding the hours, the supervisor will speak with the employee to resolve them, then sign the timesheet.  This process is currently paper-based and requires original, handwritten signatures.

Hourly paid student employees are paid every other Friday and supervisors are responsible for getting completed timesheets to the appropriate Finance Center in the timeline and location they designate. (If you are unsure, contact your Finance Center for instruction or clarification.) To complete the student's timesheet, supervisors and employee will also need to know the student payroll pay periods (which two weeks are paid together).

A timesheet example is provided.

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Timesheet Corrections

If a student employee discovers a mistake in their timesheet or needs to revise their hours for any reason, a revised timesheet must be submitted. The revised timesheet should reflect the correct number of all hours using the correct pay period ending dates. Please indicate "Revised" at the top of the timesheet. Payroll processes any corrections with the next payroll when submitted by the deadline.

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Paychecks for student employees will be mailed to the student's Hinman box. unless the student has set up Direct Deposit. Student employees are strongly encouraged to set up Direct Deposit (which allows the employee to designate up to two U.S. bank accounts for direct deposit of their net earnings) as it gives the student access their earnings in a more timely manner. If one choose to use the Direct Deposit option, their paystubs will still be mailed to your Hinman box.

Between terms and during terms in which a student is not enrolled, student mail is forwarded from the Hinman Mail Center.  If a student will be receiving a paycheck (or paystub) during that period, it is imperative that the individual designate a temporary forwarding address (under "Address/Contact Information" section) in Banner.  If no temporary contact information is given, Hinman will mail checks or paystubs to the home address recorded in Banner.

Questions regarding student pay should be directed to Dartmouth's Payroll Office.  

Questions regarding forwarded mail should be directed to Hinman Mail Services.

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Last Updated: 1/23/13