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Advertising Student Positions

Jobnet is the web-based database used by the Student Employment Office (SEO) to maintain a complete listing of student jobs that are paid by Dartmouth College (including campus departments, select research opportunities at DHMC, and contracted local non-profit organizations).  Jobnet is your primary source for advertising a student position and it is available to all Dartmouth students.

If you would like to post a new position (one without a Jobnet number), please complete and return our two-page Jobnet form (pdf, 567KB). The Jobnet search function is based solely on content from the Jobnet database and the accuracy of the information contained in Jobnet is the responsibility of the employer. 

If you would like to post a position that already has a Jobnet number, simply email SEO and tell us which jobnet position you wish to be re-listed and which academic term(s) you want it listed in the jobnet websearch.

Jobnet is accessible on our website and currently holds thousands of student jobs, with hundreds advertised daily.

Private Individual or Business Positions

If you are a private individual or business seeking to hire Dartmouth students on a part-time (often 'one-time-only') basis, please see our Non-Dartmouth Positions page for information about how we may be able to advertise your position.

When to Advertise

The Student Employment Office recommends advertising at least three weeks prior to the end of the term preceding the term for which you have a vacancy. If you are seeking to employ a student to work on a leave term (generally 35 hours per week), we recommend posting your position well in advance. These students may seek employment opportunities early in order to accommodate housing arrangements.

Why Advertise

We recommend that you advertise with SEO Jobnet for these reasons:

  1. Jobnet is students' primary source for student job searches.
  2. Jobnet is available 24/7 through internet access.
  3. Jobnet is accurate, up-to-date and easy to use!
  4. Jobnet allows students to perform multiple searches quickly.
  5. Jobnet provides an equitable way for all students to apply for jobs.

In addition to Jobnet, employers may also choose to advertise positions in The Dartmouth for a fee.

Last Updated: 7/31/14