Segregation Simulator - Compatibility

The Segregation Simulator applet comes in two versions of the Java programing language. The earlier version (Java 1.1.8) works best with Internet Explorer for Windows, Internet Explorer 5.1.5 for Mac OS9, or browsers using Microsoft JVM.

The newer version (Java 1.4.1) works best with Netscape/Mozilla for Windows, or with browsers that have recent Java plug-ins that support Java 2.0.

The applet using Java 1.4.1 works reasonably well with Safari and Internet Explorer for Mac OSX (10.3).

The applet using Java 1.1.8 will run with Mozilla 1.0 for OS9, but the interface and controls are garbled.

Unfortunately, neither applet works with Netscape (4.77) for Mac OS9.

If you have trouble running one or both applets, please email a description of the problem, including your operating system (Windows, Mac OS9 or Mac X) and browser (Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) to the address below.