SDES Services & Charges

The Electronics Shop provides design, fabrication and repair services of analog and digital devices as well as research instrumentation and apparatus. There is a $35 per hourly charge for services provided to Arts & Sciences faculty, staff or students. $60/hr Non-AS. Projects may be discussed by contacting David Collins.

The services provided are as follows:

Printed Circuit Board Facilities

Printed Circuit Design/Simulation - Using Macintosh workstations with Douglas CAD software, and Data I/O "chip" programmer.

Printed Circuit Fabrication - Circuit board designs are sent to for fabrication, with a 3 day turnaround and resonable rates.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly - Populating, soldering, and debugging PCB's.

Custom Design & Fabrication

System Design and Fabrication - Computer and PCB to electromechanical interface, data acquisition interface, enclosures, modify existing equipment, etc.

Complete mechanical, electrical, and electronic design, fabrication, and assembly of custom instrumentation and automated apparatus.


Troubleshooting and Repair - Scientific instruments and apparatus, computer interfaces and peripherals, lab equipment, etc.

Miscellaneous Services

Technical Library - Text books, data books, manufacturers catalogs and sources. (Material is freely available for use in the shop office.)

Equipment Pool - Provide test equipment such as oscilloscopes, meters and spectrum analyzers for short term loan to the shops users

Consultation and Technical Assistance.

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