The final chapter in trip 05-06. Start a second window for pictures with this thumbnail page.

Visited with Liz’s daughter’s family at Grenelefe in Haines City, an easy trip from Davenport.  All in all we were a group of nine, 6 grownups to 3 kids, a ratio that kept us reasonably sane.  A long hot day at Cypress Gardens left us limp, but all the younger folks were ready for more.

dsc02790 dsc02882

If you’re ever in this part of the state, check out Cherry Pocket (if you can find it) restaurant.  Liz tried alligator and pronounced it “chewy.” We swam and ate and talked and would have loved to stay longer. The heat and traffic were quite intense, and out of worry about another van problem, we drove by night out of Florida to Elko, GA.


Two nights with Liz’s cousin in Atlanta, lots of fun.  A pair of twin Siamese cats, Tom and Jerry, had been added to the menagerie.  One night Kevin suggested a Mexican restaurant, so we indulged.

Two more nights in Hendersonville, NC, with Anne and Joel, at their new home.  Stan was treated to a ride on the ultralight aircraft built by a friend of Anne’s.  Finished up the visit with another Mexican dinner.

dsc03069 dsc03068 dsc03083 dsc03053


Four great days at Myrtle Beach, even though the weather was damp. Stan found a cool place to stay where the Cedar Island-Ocracoke ferry dock has a restaurant (less said, the better) and small RV campground. It was wild and windy, and our neighbors all acted like horses!

The ferry ride took 2 1/2 hours and it’s about 20 miles.  In spite of a very rough crossing, we got satellite TV in the van all the way.  A second smaller ferry got us to the desolate outer banks.  We saw the moved lighthouse, which we’d first seen as the move was taking place.  

Before leaving the area, we spent some time at the Wright Brothers National Memorial.

dsc03148 dsc03152 dsc03167 dsc03164


May Day, made it into VA.  One night at First Landing (Virginia Beach) and over the bridge-tunnel-bridge-tunnel-bridge and up the coast to Assateague Island.  We do love this place, far from any kind of traffic except for deer, wild horses, and all the birds on the beach!

dsc03181 dsc03188

By Cinco de Mayo we were ready for our final Mexican dinner, this time with Liz’s daughter and her husband in NJ.  While we were there we happened to coincide with the annual Antique Car show.

dsc03216 dsc03221 dsc03203 dsc03222

A final long day’s drive and we arrived home on May 7.  One last night in the van, and this year’s trip was over.

CA 67
TX 33
AZ 21
FL 21
NM 5
NC 4
SC 4
IN 3
AL 2
VA 2
NJ 2
NY 1
MO 1
AR 1
OK 1
LA 1
MS 1

Total mileage: 14199.
Time out: 24 weeks and 3 days.