After spending our final Hanover night in the van in Stan's driveway, we filled up on propane and gas ($2.19) and hit the road.  Snow hit us on I-88 east of Erie.  After a 500-mile day, we stopped in a heavy blizzard at the Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca, NY, where we dry-camped in their huge parking lot.
Snow let up as we continued to Huntertown, IN, Stan's home.  It was shirtsleeves weather in northern Indiana, and we had good time with Stan's family and friends.
Made it to the arch and beyond St. Louis.  Sunny warm day.

Pretty drive through Missouri, into hilly Ozark country with trees still changing color.  Camped at the COE park in Ozark, AR, on the Arkansas River.
One night in Oklahoma in Checotah, home of the American Idol, Carrie Underwood (otherwise unmemorable).
We crossed into Texas at huge Lake Texoma, the Red River captured.  Our research led us to Walnut Creek Resort, right on the lake.  A pretty place with good birdwatching.  Best of all, it was free!
And we were finally in Texas.  The driving is never boring  in this varied terrain.  Cotton fields, mostly already harvested, stretched for hours. Cotton gave way to cows, and cows to oil.  Quitaque (Kit-uh-kway) is home to Caprock Canyons State Park.  The dramatic country was beautiful (like Palo Duro "lite") and the day warm and comfortable. 
Only problem, no room for us--- no, wait a minute, there's an overflow spot, near a small lake.  We saw bison and heard coyotes.  Once again we were in the land of goatheads.
The wind really came up in the night.  In Lubbock we visited a windmill museum and a glider museum.  How appropriate! 

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Outside town is Buffalo Springs Lake, a natural oasis with a campground.  It was difficult to get positioned for satellite signal (many trees, bumpy sites).  However, the biggest problem here was FLIES.
After a solid hour of fly massacre with both bug-zappers and the shop-vac, we felt we had mostly won the battle.
Our final day in Texas was pretty rough going.  The wind was outrageous and although we'd seen tumbleweeds before, today's were exceptional.  The huge baled cotton blocks had their plastic covers blown off and cotton was flying through the air. 
It was an odd combination of beautiful white fields of cotton, blue sky above, and brown sky below, filled with red dirt and debris, a spooky light.
Once we crossed into New Mexico, things settled down.  We were over 6000 ft and had wonderful views as we descended into the Alamogordo area.
Left Tularosa for points south and west. Hidden Valley Ranch in Deming was a good rest stop for a couple of days.
Onward to Arizona and the beautiful hilltop Cochise Terrace with a great parking spot close to the hot tub.
In Tucson we got jiffy-lubed and filled prescriptions.  Couldn't resist another visit to PIMA air museum.

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F86 Century Series Burt Rutan's Starship http://www.rps3.com/Pages/Starship.htm
dsc00509 dsc00469 dsc00496 dsc00545
B36 waiting Copters Big Saturn hauler Small Bede 5 Je

After one night at Picacho we elected to stay Sunday for the Giants-Dallas game.  That was a big mistake. On the way through Florence, AZ, saw this neat county courthouse, complete with palms, grapefruit, and Christmas decorations.

We snuck up on our friends Cal and Connie at Santa Fe RV in Apache Junction, where they're spending 5 weeks.  They weren't too surprised to see us.  It's a very good spot close to the surrounding mountains, good laundry facilities, great pool and hot tub, and a clubhouse with coffee and doughnut gatherings and talent shows.
On our second night, we were treated to the Organ Stop Pizza (http://www.organstoppizza.com/), where "the mighty Wurlitzer" dominates the scene.
Goodbye to the C&C and their beautiful big rig
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but we will certainly see them in Quartzsite late in January. 
Braving the greater Phoenix traffic we made several Radio Shack stops and found the elusive phone-to-computer cable we had been wanting.
Getting out of Phoenix on US60 was a bad, bad idea.  The wide open desert spaces and mountains were most welcome.
We spent the night at Desert Gem in Salome, pronounced as it looks.
A stop at the Ehrenberg Flying J, just past Quartzsite, for gas, and onward into California!  We gawked our way through Joshua Tree and wound up in 29 Palms, where we are spending a second night. 
It's only been 3 weeks and we feel quite acclimated to the road.  We're both very glad to be in California.