More Sunburst Park


Happy Holidays


06 Dec 04 Mon - 15 Dec Wed:  Sunburst RVP, Dover, FL

16 Dec 04 Thu - 15 Jan Sat:  Southern Oaks Resort, Summerfield, FL


It seems that Monday there's a special happening at the Sunburst RVP, and we were there to enjoy it on the 6th and 13th.  There are many musically talented folks at this park, and all who feel inclined participate in a jamboree.  They sign up with Muriel and the result is a couple hours of great listening.  The rec hall was beautifully decorated for Christmas and on the stage was a group of musicians blessed with the ability to play along with absolutely any musical number that the soloists selected.  Muriel, the MC, introduced the soloist and then returned to the piano; Claire was terrific on the bass fiddle; Dave knows his way around the drums, and then there was Pete on the sax or guitar.  His advancing years made walking a little difficult but, my! could he play that sax! 


The audience was treated to Christmas music, blue grass, country, but mostly the 'oldies but goodies' that our generation loves so much.  We'd have to say those evenings were a highlight of our Sunburst experience.


A couple of days we cruised the University Mall to do a little shopping and enjoy the Christmas decorations - it's a huge mall 12 miles from our park.  One of those days it was very hot and humid so spending a little time in air conditioning was pleasant.  Now isn't that a strange concept as we now are so happy with our catalytic heater? 


14 Dec Tue:  Our new friends here at the park, Romeo and Arlene, invited us to have lunch with them in Plant City as they knew of a special family restaurant which we all agreed served the best food ever.  After browsing in a couple of stores, we stopped at a farm stand to buy strawberries for which Plant City is well known - they were big, red, juicy berries, but we wonder how the plants are surviving during this cold blast.  Their big strawberry festival is in March.


15 Dec Wed:  Our month here at Sunburst has been most pleasant and it's time to pull up stakes and move back up to Southern Oaks in Summerfield.  We must say it doesn't feel much like summer as the day dawned with the thermometer reading 32 degrees. 


The two hour drive north was uneventful and our corner site, reserved when we were here a month ago, was waiting for us.  There are 70 completed sites in Southern Oaks Resort and only about 25 are occupied so it's very quiet.  We'll see if more neighbors arrive after the first of the year - January and February are the busiest months everywhere down here.


We wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and a New Year complete with good health, love, peace, and joy, Cal and Connie