To Dover, FL


5 Nov 04 - Fri:  High Falls State Park, Jackson, GA 

Route:  441, I-20W, 142S, 12W, 36S, I-75S


After a restful, productive day at Country Boy's RV in Madison, GA, we're raring to roll south again.  We have sun which is warming us from an early morning temperature of 37 degrees that rose into mid 60's. 


After settling into our site under the tall pines overlooking a lake in this beautiful High Falls State Park, we hiked the trail beside the roaring, wide Towaliga River while admiring four falls from several vantage points.


6 Nov 04 - Sat:  Piney Woods Lake, Glenwood, GA (PPA)

Route: I-75S, I-16E, 19S, Piney Woods Lake Rd


Another crispy morning (37 degrees), but sun is bright.


Passport America (PPA) did it again.  We never would have found Piney Woods Lake Campground without the directions in our PPA directory.  We're in a huge open field with well-spaced sites, trees, a club house which is available for parties (they have blue grass festivals here), and all this beside a pretty, little, man-made lake.  It's a mile around the lake, and we enjoyed our walk on a sunny, 70-degree afternoon.


7 Nov 04-Sun:  Okefenokee RV Campground, Folkston, GA (PPA)

Route: 19, 23/341/19, 23/19, 23/1


Most of our 127 miles today were on routes 19 and 23; both are good roads through the country where a few cotton fields,, but mostly pine woods, dominated the scenery-a good day on the road.


Okefenokee Campground is located in another large field with trees but lacks yesterday's charm of Piney Woods Lake CG.  Add to the ho-hum of this park the fact that we're between two frequently-used railroad tracks.  The engineers were heavy on the horns that made for a less-than-peaceful night's sleep.


8 Nov 04-Mon:  Flamingo Lake RV Resort, Jacksonville, FL

Route: 23/1, 115S


We selected this park northwest of the city as it's handy to Jacksonville University where we're meeting our grandson, David, today.  We were parked in front of the Administration building where he met us after his morning classes. 


David gave us a tour of the campus, and then we followed him downtown to The Landing.  We enjoyed a fine meal overlooking the water, but the high point, of course, was our visit.  David is keeping very busy:  is happy with his studies, is Sailing Coach, and taking Aikido lessons.  He's a very descriptive storyteller so this was definitely a highlight of the trip for us.


09-10 Nov 04-Tue-Wed:  Ocean Grove RV Resort, St. Augustine, FL (PPA)

Route:  95S, 206E, A1AN


When we drove into this park, Cal said, "We've been here before".  Sure enough, our records confirmed that it's a repeat and worth staying a couple of nights.  The beach is perfectly beautiful with miles of white, clean sand.  Wednesday morning the sun was bright so great for walking and hanging out.


11 Nov 04-Thu:  Tropical Park and Marina, Deland, FL

Route:  A1AS, 206W, 95S, I-4, 44,, 92, 4W, 44W, South Grand Ave, Old NY Ave


After hooking up at this pricey but very nice park, we made a phone call and were off to visit Connie's cousin and husband who live nearby in Deland.  We haven't seen Anita and Joe for many years, but they lived in Rochester (near Strafford) until they retired in 1982 and moved to Florida.  We have many relatives and friends in common so it was fun for all of us to reminisce.


12-14 Nov 04-Fri-Sun:  Southern Oaks RV Resort, Ocala, FL

Route:  44W 42W, 27N


Fri:  Southern Oaks RVR is a new park so has no facilities yet, but plans for a clubhouse, laundry, etc. are in the works.  We really like the location as there are fenced-in fields on two sides of the park.  We selected a site in the back where the friendly cattle come up to look us over occasionally.


After lunch we made the short run to The Villages where our friends, Bob and Helen, bought a home last year.  We haven't seen them for ages so had a lot of catching up to do and then were off to Bono's Pit BBQ for an evening meal.


Sat:  We returned to Bob and Helen's this morning.  They suggested The Landing on Lake Sumpter for lunch--perfect as we had a table on the patio overlooking the water on a glorious 80-degree day.  Then we walked to the area created to emulate Key West where a car show was in progress.  Helen and Connie left Bob and Cal to enjoy themselves there while they did a little shopping in another area.  Connie is still smiling about two great tops for a total of $4.70.


Sun:  The morning of our last day at Southern Oaks was partially absorbed watching a very determined fire destroy a small house on the other side of Route 27.  Fortunately, the house has been vacant for 10 years, but the wind was blowing hard, and the fire burned vigorously for a long time as firemen on 10 fire trucks kept it contained to the one building.  Route 27 was a parking lot for over an hour.


Bob came to examine Cal's antenna installation, and we had more good visiting.  Bob and Helen have invited us to join them for Thanksgiving.


15 Nov to 15 Dec 04, Mon-Wed:  Sunburst RV Parks, Dover, FL

Route: 27S, 42W,, 301S, 44W, I-75S, I-4


When we're at the RV show in Quartzsite, AZ, we always pick up coupons for special deals at RV parks.  Last January we made our usual selections, and this spring decided to make a couple of phone calls to Encore and Sunburst Parks to check out availability.  Lucky us.  The nice gal on the phone said we could spend a month from 15 November to 15 December at Sunburst RV east of Tampa. 


So here we are about to enjoy a month at this very nice park with all the amenities for $3.30 per day, plus electric.  There are empty sites all around us right now, but that will be changing as the month progresses, we're sure.  We're far enough from the interstate not to be annoyed by it.  There's a heated pool and the mail can be forwarded directly to this park--what could be better?


We understand some funny things happened to our last update, i.e., some of you e-mail recipients reported strange characters while others didn't get the whole update.  Cal is taking steps to prevent a recurrence.


Happy Thanksgiving, Cal and Connie