Home to Madison, GA


27 Oct 04 - Wed: John Dennyıs home, Maryland, NY

Route: 126, 28, 4, I-89, 202/9, 7, 87, 88


We put a cap on Ridge Ritz activities and, with mixed feelings, pulled out of the driveway at 9 a.m.


We agree this was the best —first day out² of all our southbound traveling adventures. Thatıs because we took a different route. Instead of metropolitan areas in MA and CT, we enjoyed the winding, hilly, country roads of southern NH and VT and then routes 87 and 88 in NY where golden foliage is still hanging on. These routes resulted in Cal maintaining better circulation in his knuckles!


In mid-afternoon we realized it would be very convenient to spend the night at John Dennyıs home near Rt 88. We met John in 1999 during our first visit to Palm Springs, CA, and have kept in touch. At that time he took us on a hike to the summer residence of Bob Hope. A phone call indicated that John was home and heıd like to have us plug into his electricity for the night. After good visiting and admiring Johnıs early 1800ıs home filled with antiques, we had a good nightıs sleep in this peaceful valley.


28 Oct 04 - Thu: WalMart, Hazelton, PA

Route: I-88, I-81


We were greeted this morning by 28 degrees and heavy fog, but we three walked to the glacial pond on the 100 acres that John and his brother own.


By 10 a.m. the fog had lifted, and we were southbound in the sunshine on I-88. Soon we rolled onto I-81, quitting for the day at the Wal Mart in Hazelton, PA, which is off the end of the airport runway. If anyone lands short, weıll end up wearing them. This is where we voted--completed our absentee ballots at the dinette table, walked across the Wal Mart parking lot and dropped them in a box.


29 Oct 04 - Fri: Keystone RVP, Greencastle, PA

Route: I-81


We spent the morning on I-81 in fog and rain amongst the trucks and heavy traffic. Conditions improved somewhat in the afternoon, ending when we pulled into this park which is an RV dealership with a campground attached. Itıs not fancy but reasonably quiet and an okay place to overnight.


30 Oct 04 - Sat: Longıs RVP, Lexington, VA

Route: I-81


Seconds after leaving Keystone RV we were in MD, eleven miles later were in WV, and after 26 miles in WV, we began the long trek in VA. Some trucks are taking the weekend off and the sun is shining.


On our way from I-81 to Longıs RVP we had a short but beautiful ride through horse country- expansive green fields surrounded by white fences and the famous Howard P. Anderson Collesium.


Longıs hasnıt changed since we were here in 1999 - 74 degrees is perfect for walking and puttering on vehicles.


31 Oct 04 - Sun: Lee Highway CG, Bristol, VA

Route: I-81


There wasnıt much sun today but a good travel day. We stopped at this park a year ago, but this time had the added pleasure of parking beside a Kountry Star motorhome made by Newmar. Its owners, Bill and Bobbie, are very friendly, and we had a good visit while admiring their coach.


1 Nov 04 - Mon: Creekwood Farm RVP, Waynesville, NC

Route: I-81, 26, 19/23, 240, 40, 276


Great temperature continues - 70 degrees this morning and another pleasant day as we enjoyed more gorgeous scenery in VA and then awesome mountains in TN.


Todayıs trivia: At the VA/TN border we have traveled 941 miles. Almost half of those miles have been in Virginia.


Creekwood Farm RVP in Maggie Valley is a keeper - our site is close to the rushing waters of Jonathan Creek. Itıs a very classy, spiffy park, the Halloween decorations are outstanding, and itıs quiet and a great place to get some exercise. We have all this for $10/night as itıs a Passport Park.


2 Nov 04 - Tue: Cartoogechaye (car-took-a-jay) Creek CG, Franklin, NC

Route: 23 , 441


These mountains of western North Carolina are awesome, and we enjoyed them at a relatively slow pace as todayıs routes are continually ascending and descending.


Our friend and high school classmate, Art, met us at WalMart in Franklin, NC, and soon thereafter we were savoring a delicious lunch at Willyıs BBQ. After good visiting with Art, we settled into this RV park south of town and were happy to have help with its pronunciation. Art explained that we say Œcar-took-a-jayı quickly, and you have it!


A phone call to Warren, a ham friend of Calıs, confirmed that he and his wife who live nearby were available for visiting so that rounded out our social calendar for the day.


3-4 Nov 04 - Wed, Thu: Country Boyıs RVP, Madison, GA

Route: 441


Today (Wednesday) we have 60 degrees, overcast skies, good road surface, and less than outstanding scenery. Another good travel day, and weıre happy to arrive here at Country Boyıs RV where we stayed years ago - some time before 1999 - donıt have those notes with us to pin down the exact date, but we remember the water hose froze.


Thursday morning when heavy rains predicted on the weather channel were a reality, we decided to stay here another night - we arenıt in a hurry. We set up a second computer thatıs resulting in this update and Cal is busy o