11/29/03 Update

Dear Friends,

24 Nov 03 - Mon: Overnight with Myrt and Lloyd Hammer in Many, LA

We were planning to stay at the RV park in Many, but our friends invited us to stay at their place right on the Toledo Bend Reservoir between LA and TX. Full hookups were available, but we preferred to park where it was easier to level--just connected up the electric. We had never met Myrt and Lloyd Hammer who lived in Strafford while we were living in Lebanon. They knew all of our parents and Carolyn and John Young (Connie's sister and brother-in-law).. Cal's Aunt Iva suggested we look them up. Myrt prepared a delicious dinner, and we had a great time reminiscing about folks and places in Strafford.

25-27 Nov 03 - Tue-Thu: Triple Creek RV P, Woodville, TX

This park is one of the niftiest yet! We are 3.5 miles off the highway, and it's a 4000-acre property; we were on the ranch from the time we left the highway. The owner was a former RV dealer who sold the business and moved out here. He has a RV repair facility right here in the park. It's located in the Piney Woods of Texas, but it's open where the RVs are located, and there are plenty of big rig sites.

When we went to pay, Jerry said "13 dollars." We said, "We're Rec USA". He said, "What's that?" then added "OH! my wife set that up, I guess that's 10 dollars!" (We just joined Recreation USA this year.)

There are miles of trails to walk here; we just have to let Jerry tell us where we should hike as he gives the deer hunters permits to hunt his land and he know where they are.

While checking in, Jerry told us there would be a Thanksgiving feast on Thursday; they'll furnish the turkey, just bring a dish to share. That's what we like to hear - we instantly decided to add another day to our stay.

The dinner was superb and we both wore shorts and T-shirts - in other words, a glorious, warm day. We would have been more 'in', however, if we'd brought our guitar, banjo and 4-wheeler. This park is Pickers Paradise with scheduled blue grass and gospel music week-ends. The miles of trails are great for 4-wheelers, but we covered some miles with our athletic shoes.

Talk about quiet! Wow! Jerry said one overnighter asked if he had a tape of a train or 18 wheeler they could play. They weren't used to hearing each other breathing at night. :-)

28 Nov 03 - Fri: Rainbow's End Escapee Park, Livingston, TX

As we were leaving Triple Creek Park this morning, we met Jerry coming toward us on his 4-wheeler towing a little trailer and waving for us to stop. He had a 300-pound feral hog in the trailer which his guest had just shot while out feeding corn to the deer. He was a big fella, complete with tusks. They're destructive animals and Jerry was pleased to have him removed from the inventory.

Livingston is HQ for the Escapee Camping Club to which we belong. We've never been this far north in Texas so haven't stopped here. Since we were passing right through, decided we should spend a night and get acquainted with folks.

All Escapee Parks have a 4 p.m. social hour so we got in on that. We struck it right again - they're having a pot luck dinner at 5:30 - they furnish the turkey, we bring a side dish. Our second turkey feast was another great one.

29-30 Nov 03, Sat.-Sun: Castaways RVP, Willis TX, on Lake Conroe

Jerry, our host back at the Triple Creek RVP, suggested a scenic route for our drive to Lake Conroe in Willis, TX, today. It proved to be a winner with good country roads, a few large, elegant ranch homes, and just a perfect run in every way on a pleasant sunny day.

We selected an open site here at Castaways - we can't see the lake from the rig but walked down to the marina. There are quite a few people enjoying the area in the cool temps today so we'll bet it's really hopping in the summertime.

We're going to wrap this update in a red ribbon and ship it out today. Tomorrow, Sunday, Jim and Jean, friends who are radio hams, RVers, and live in Willis, are coming to pick us up and we'll have lunch together at the Golden Corral.

When our next update arrives in about a week, we might still be in Texas as we're moving very slowly and enjoying every day. We hope you're fine and happy too. Cal and Connie