2/1 Update

16-24 Jan 04, Fri-Sat: Mile Marker 99, Rt. 95, Quartzsite, AZ

We found a good spot to throw out the anchor when we pulled off Rt. 95 at mile marker 99 where the radio hams congregate every year.

Sunday we went off for a walk looking for a California couple (whom we located easily) and when we returned, we had gained new neighbors who turned out to be most interesting. We were expecting Tadd and Sherri would be joining the hams sometime soon. We had never met them eyeball (as the hams say) but Tadd and Cal had been introduced by another ham and were exchanging e-mail.

As soon as Tadd and Sherri got set up, they were planning to go looking for us although the only info they had was our lat/long position – didn't know our rig or anything. Well, there are hundreds of motorhomes in this 'ham' area, and they pulled in and parked in front of our Kenzie. Cal knew they were driving a Safari Trek, so when we returned from our walk, saw that motorhome, and noticed the bird cages on the sofa, he knew our friends had arrived. What a kick that they should choose that particular spot. Tadd and Sherri's two parrots are a very important part of the family.

You remember our new Eagle-bus-friends we met at Cabollo Loco Ranch whom we were hoping to see again at Quartzsite? We made cell phone contact with Betty and Jack while we were shopping at the RV tent uptown in Quartzsite. That resulted in a most enjoyable evening with them, first a delicious buffet at the Black Rock Village Cafe, and then dessert back in their bus.

25-28 Jan 04, Sun-Wed: Countryside RV Resort, Apache Jct., AZ

We are now out of the real desert and parked with a cement patio, water, electric, and sewer connections. It was 9 days at Quartzsite and a good time was had by all. Connie and Cal did some shopping for scarce items at the RV show and Cal attended many of the interesting ham seminars at our settlement at Mile Marker 99. There were approximately 80 rigs parked together.

You are all reminded that we post our position every time we get parked at a new spot. It can be viewed anytime at: http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?w1jfp

Thanks to some software new to Cal from a source discovered at the fest, he was able to get back on APRS after 4 years of inactivity.

As most of you know APRS stands for Automatic Position Reporting System.

With this in operation, our position can be tracked via other APRS stations or more easily by folks at their computers. It can be accessed at: http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?w1jfp-9.

Notice it's the same address as above except for the -9 on the end. That position will be the same as without the -9 when we are parked, but when we are in motion, it will get updated every 2 miles of travel. At least we broadcast our position every 2 miles, but some transmissions don't get picked up by the system.

Also note that the aerial views are also available at both addresses. We stopped at a rest area today and checked the areal view via the internet and, sure enough, there we were in the rest area.

So there's something for you guys to try when we get rolling again in a week or so.

We love the Apache Jct. area so will be here for a while. Our favorite RV park is full, thus some scouting to find this alternative. We've been revisiting some favorite places, always enjoying the spectacular Superstition Mts. Devil's Canyon between the towns of Superstition and Globe and the copper mines in Miami made for a most impressive trip on Wednesday.

29-30 Jan 04, Thu-Fri: Santa Fe RV Park, Apache Jct., AZ

These two days were open so here we are at our favorite park – nice, friendly folks and the most reasonable rates, especially since it's a Passport park so we get half price. There are 110 sites here and 90 of them are permanents so we transients have to take what's left.

They were serving a special meal Thursday night that we were able to get in on – baked potato with lots of toppings, salad, and cake for $3.00.

31 Jan/01 Feb 04, Sat-Sun: Goldfield Ranch, Tonto Nat'l Forest, AZ

We're ready to change from city living to country living. Here at Goldfield Ranch we're parked on pavement, have no amenities; a few RVs are discreetly spaced, and we're surrounded by mountains. This return to nature is $3/night in the Tonto National Forest. Love the quiet with mountain views from every window.

Out best 'till next time – Cal and Connie