3/22 Update

8-9 Mar, Sat & Sun: Still at Gold Rock RVP in Winterhaven,CA We're really enjoying this little park in the desert and landing here over the weekend is perfect. After a lasagna dinner in the rec hall, the Un-four-gettable Barbershop Quartet entertained us Saturday night -- the group was really excellent. Sunday afternoon there was a birthday party followed by entertainment - another good time.

10-11 Mar, Mon & Tue: River's Edge RVR, Winterhaven, CA We made the short run to this park so we could have some time with friends, Bob and Helen, who are returning here today from 41 days in Mexico. They arrived about 4:30 and one of the first things on their "To Do" list was go out for American food! We all went to Wendy's, and it was great fun to hear about their Mexican adventures.

Monday evening Bernie and Red were scheduled to perform at this park. We've heard these super entertainers a couple of times before so bought our tickets early as they sell out wherever they go. They're a couple originally from England, currently living in Canada when not entertaining in the Southwest or on a cruise ship. They're both very talented musicians and are hilarious as well - we can always count on laughing most of the evening and they exceeded our expectations again.

12 Mar, Wed: Sunflower RVR, Surprise, AZ We made a northerly detour to this city NW of Phoenix today so we could visit friends who have recently purchased a condo at Sun City West. Jim and Sue gave us a tour of their home and then showed us the extensive facilities available to all residents of this little city. One can participate in any sport, craft or activity you could name; it was most interesting and fun to see our friends again.

13 Mar, Thu: Picacho Peak State Park, AZ We took I-10 south from Phoenix area, down to Casa Grande and continued south to check out this State Park for the first time - great place with view of the very distinctive Picacho Peak and saguaros and cholla cacti outside our door.

14-15, Mar, Fri & Sat: Cedar Ridge CG, Tyrone, New Mexico We decided that instead of zooming straight across New Mexico on I-10, we'd veer north to Silver City via Rt. 90. About 15 miles south of the City out in the country, we spotted the sign for Cedar Ridge CG and the location looked interesting. It proved to be an immaculate campground with crushed rock everywhere, neat utility hook-ups, etc. The office was in a mobile home, and as we approached the door were greeted by the following admonition posted on the door: "If you don't have time for me to answer this door, don't disturb me by knocking in the first place. Don't knock or ring the doorbell again and again. It may take me ten minutes to answer. If you don't have the time, HAUL ASS." We rang the bell, stood there chuckling while wondering what would be greeting us on the other side of the door. In just a few minutes a tall, serious gentleman with a cane opened the door and stepped out on the porch. He asked a few questions including, "Do you have pets?" Cal answered, "No, and Connie's not vicious." He had to crack a smile at that and invited us inside. It was difficult for him to hear, even with a hearing aide, and he has little eyesight due to macular degeneration. He explained that could be a problem if he had any sense, but he doesn't so it doesn't matter! We paid our $12 for full hook-ups and were told we could choose our parking spot. This is a beautiful, quiet campground which has made our "top ten" list.

Saturday we made good at completing the excursion into the Gila (Hee-la), Wilderness to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings. You may remember we started this trip back in 1999 when our fuel pump failed 30 miles into the hills.

It is definitely a 'must do'. They're by far the most extensive Cliff Dwellings we have seen. Very little of the 700 year old facility has required restoration. It's a mile hike and a 180-foot increase in elevation from the river to the dwellings, but it's worth the climb and the 44-mile drive through very beautiful country to reach the visitor center near the base. Silver City is about 6000' MSL and the route to the Dwellings takes one to 8000', then back down to 6700 at the destination. Nice ride. On the way out of the Wilderness we spotted and were able to photograph wild javalina. It's a creature about the size and shape of a pig but it has physiological differences. There were two hunters waiting for them but the sly critters had other ideas.

16 Mar, Sun: El Campo, Van Horn, TX We departed Silver City south on Rt. 180 and back down to I-10 this morning. Sun shone, we had a tailwind so a good trip to this familiar CG in Van Horn.

17 Mar, Mon: Community Center, Langtry, TX We spent the day cruising Rt. 90 on a sunny day with very light wind. The vast expanses of flat land are lush and green, trees are sprouting their spring-green leaves and patches of wildflowers enhance the roadsides.

We pursued our friend's tip of a dry camping spot in Langtry near the Judge Roy Bean Visitor Center. It's just a hoot and a holler off Rt. 90, and the sign posted beside the Community Center invites RVers to stay overnight for a $2 donation. Perfect: quiet, one street light, good view, and an interesting walk down to the Rio Grande with Mexico beyond. The ghost of Judge Roy Bean didn't come knocking! :-)

18 Mar, Tue: Bryan's Country RV, Sequin (Segeen), TX Another good day on Rt. 90. We've returned to this park SE of San Antonio so we can visit Evergreen RV in New Braunfels where we ordered Kenzie a year ago.

19 Mar, Wed: Motorcoach RVP, Weimar, TX We left the Honda at Bryan's Country RV and spent most of the morning at Evergreen RV with Caryn, our salesperson and friend, and Cal talked with the Service Manager about a couple of issues.

After doing some WalMart and grocery shopping in Seguin, returned to Bryan's RVP, hitched up the Honda and continued east to Weimar, a tiny town NW of Houston.

20-23 Mar, Thu, - Sun: Quintana Beach County Park, Freeport TX Thursday. We stopped in Weimar last night, as it's handy to the Forbidden Gardens in Katy, TX. It's definitely a must see. Normally, they're only open Friday and Saturday but have extended hours due to Spring break, which was nice for us as we didn't want to stick around until tomorrow.

The Forbidden Gardens is the only outdoor museum of its kind in the U.S. and is designed to educate the public on Chinese History. "Two large exhibits recreate the Forbidden City and the tomb of the first emperor of China, Emperor Qin, on 40 acres. Visitors are led to a 1:20 scale replica of the Forbidden City, home and office for 24 emperors from the 14th through the early 20th Centuries. Buildings, landmarks, and monuments of the walled-in capital recreate the mysterious past of the Middle Kingdom."

Thanks to the wonders of e-mail and cell phones, we knew Stan and Liz would be waiting for us at Quintana Park this afternoon. The four of us walked out on the jetty, watched the dolphins, and then enjoyed shrimp and other good stuff at the Jetty Restaurant nearby.

Friday: Liz and Connie took a long walk on the beach and Stan and Cal visited, before they had to leave us for Houston.

Saturday and Sunday: We're enjoying this favorite spot where we walk the beach, watch ocean-going vessels chug to and fro in the nearby channel; and we're catching up on things like this update!

We've enjoyed the desert very much this winter and it's great to be able to hit the oceanfront again.

Monday we'll travel north to Galveston, take the ferry to Port Bolivar and then north and east to Louisiana.

Happy Spring! - Cal and Connie