2-10 Update

31 Jan - 2 Feb - Friday through Sunday: Indian Wells RVR, Indio, CA Now while the Bob Hope Crysler Classic is in full swing :-), there's a flurry of activity. A blimp is hovering overhead each afternoon, presumably televising the prestigious event. The traffic on Rt 111 is heavy, and motorhomes are filling this "value" lot of ours to capacity-the sounds of moving vehicles is almost constant.

One afternoon four balloons came drifting by and were obviously planning to land across the highway from us, so we climbed up and watched from Kensie's rooftop.

During the early morning hours on Sunday, a terrific wind came through rattling and blowing everything in it's path. The fierce wind lasted about an hour but continued at a pretty good velocity the rest of the day. Our view of the mountains was diminished by blowing sand, and every crevice on our vehicles was filled with fine sand. Aren't we glad that hasn't occurred very often?

3 Feb - Monday A nearby Honda garage changed oil, rotated tires (towing does a number on front tires' wear) and washed the CRV for a very reasonable fee. Another batch of mail has been forwarded to Indio, and Yes, the traffic has lessened considerably on Rt 111.

4 Feb - Tuesay We zipped west to Palm Springs for a couple of errands and then stopped at Horizon Village RVP where we've stayed previously and were happy to catch John Denny at home. He's the friend with whom we hiked up to Bob Hope's home in back of the Park during our first visit to Palm Springs, and we've kept in touch ever since.

John suggested several interesting things we can do in the area. His friend across the street was delighted to get rid of a couple bags of grapefruit as her tree was shaken this morning and she is overrun with fruit. Delicious!

5 Feb - Wednesday We enjoyed some terrific fiddling this evening here in our rec hall. The Clarridge Family Fiddlers is comprised of mom on guitar, 20 yr-old daughter who has placed well in many competitions including 3rd in a National Fiddlers' competition, and 16 yr-old son who placed first in the Fiddlers' Nationals when he was 15. Both kids also play banjo and sing. They were all very relaxed and having a lot of fun; so did we!

6 Feb - Thursday Today was Kenzie's turn for an oil change - $20 cheaper than the same, also a Ford garage, in Biloxi, MS, which we found very interesting.

7 Feb - Friday The other day John told us that admission to the Palm Springs Museum is free the first Friday of every month, so we decided to check it out. The 11 o'clock tour guide was very informative and interesting - a beautiful museum which receives substantial help from the prominent, wealthy folks who live around the Palm Springs area.

8 Feb - Saturday Every Sat. and Sun. there's a Street Fair at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert. It's a fun place to browse on a warm, winter day with live music adding to the interesting shopping.

9 Feb - Sunday Cal thrashing with computers. Yea, Connie said it right. Cal decided to work on a project that's been hanging fire since we left home. You see, I picked up a couple of networking cards for the laptops at Hosstraders, the great New Hampshire electronics fleamarket, last October. Well, this day was taken up installing same and dealing with the related challenges. The project has met with some degree of success and the two computers are now talking to each other, but there is more attention needed. The digital age is firmly in control. Nuff said!!

10 Feb - Monday Well, here we go into our third week at Indian Wells RVR, and we aren't sick of it or ready to move yet. We're both enjoying the relaxed pace with time for projects, reading, cooking, walking, whatever.

Happy Valentine's Day - Cal and Connie