11/18 report

We're on the road again: 8 November was the big day when we finally got it all together and were off for another winter adventure.

It became a really special day for us as our first great granddaughter arrived in Damariscotta, Maine, that evening - Lauren Elizabeth Linscott is 'healthy and cute' as reported by her proud Grandpa Gregg.  Now more than a week later, we hear that baby Lauren, mom and dad--Beth and Lloyd--are happy and well.

Traveling is quite different for us this year with our new 24-foot McKenzie motor home and we're towing a Honda CRV.  Hereafter, Connie will refer to our home on wheels as Kenzie; Cal usually calls her 'the big M'.  We're finding that having a dinette, a bathroom with a useable shower, a kitchen with larger fridge and freezer and a microwave/convection oven, a slide out which adds 19", outside storage, all make for more comfortable living.

We moved along at a determined but leisurely pace until we reached Florida.  The first day in the Sunshine State we anchored at St. Augustine where we drove our Honda onto the beach and then took our first long walk since leaving home.

We haven't been overburdened with sunshine yet, but when we reached Wickham Park in Melbourne, it was 82 glorious degrees.  We changed into shorts for the first time and attended a bounteous potluck picnic.  The picnic was a gathering of radio hams who are either boaters or RVers.  Most of them RV'ers who have sold their boat and gone to round rubber wheels.

You have noticed that our email address is @winlink.org.  Winlink is the heart of a system that provides a form of Internet access via ham radio, and is utilized by boaters and RV'ers.  The Seven Seas Cruising Association, (SSCA), held a weekend long event with a boat show and seminars.  The Winlink development team conducted seminars on all aspects of the information provided by Winlink.  Those seminars were the main focus of our interest.  Many of the features of Winlink are of more interest to boaters, for example wave, storm and other weather related subjects.  As RV'ers, and we were in the minority at this function, is mainly e-mail.  It was fun to meet the brains behind the system and was a fantastic learning experience.

Cal won a door prize!  He won an upgrade to his TNC, which is the box that connects between the radio and the computer and makes all this possible.

11/18:  We are now at Jetty Park in Cape Canaveral.  The hope was that we would be blessed with a good view of a shuttle launch originally scheduled for tonight, but the launch has now been postponed until Friday.  So the plan is to go from here directly over to Kissimmee for an appointment Friday to have the hydraulic jacks put on the motor home.

Cal and Connie