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Scholarship Advising
Parker House, HB 6201
Room 106
Hanover, NH
Phone:  603.646.1622
Fax:  603.646.8190
Email: scholarship advising

2014 - 2015 Scholarship Winners


David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship

Joshua Warzecha '17 - Jordan - Arabic Language

Rhodes Scholarship

Miriam Kilimo '14
Ridwan Hassen '15
Colin Walmsley '15

Fulbright Scholarship (as of 05/13/15)

Emily Estelle '15 - Morocco - English Teaching Assistant
Ling Jing '15 - China - Biology/Anthropology
Jordan Keehn '15 - Taiwan - English Teaching Assistant
Jacob Levine'15 - Colombia - English Teaching Assistant
Ellen Nye '14 - Turkey - History, Cultural and Intellectual
Kelley Rossier '15 - Slovenia -Creative Writing
Maia Salholz-Hillel '15 - Germany - Interdisciplinary Studies
Georgia Travers '13 - Morocco - Environmental and Political Science
Zachary Wenner '10 - Bulgaria - Social Work

Fulbright Scholarship Alternates

Lucas Katler '15 - Italy - Drama
Margaret Allyn '15 - Thailand - English Teaching Assistant

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Peter Sutoris '11

DAAD Scholarship (German Academic Exchange Scholarship)

Ellen Nye '14 -  German-Turkish Relations, Freie Universität Berlin
Trevy Wing '14 - European Studies, Freie Universität Berlin

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention

Stephanie Alden '16 – Biological Chemistry
Jonathan Vandermause '16 - Physics


H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowships

Shweta Raghu '15 - Netherlands - Northern Renaissance Art

Honorary Brooks Scholars

Ellen Nye '14
Jessica Womack '14

Critical Language Fellowship

Brenna Gourgeot '18 - Tangier (Morocco)

Dartmouth General Fellowship

Teagan Daly '13—US: MS in Engineering – Design, Stanford University
Amanda Hall '11—South Africa: Summer research and language study, University of the Free State
Christopher Hauser '14—US: Basic Program in Ancient Greek, Columbia University
Ling Jing '15—Switzerland: Work on International Mental Health Resources and Human Rights, World Health Organization
Seulgee Jung '15—Switzerland: Human Rights Advocacy Fellowship, Human Rights Watch
Jennifer McGrew '13—US: Middlebury Portuguese Language Program
Victoria Moors '10—US: Internship at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia
Bennie Niles IV '15—US: Documentary Film Project on Father-Son Relationships
Rebecca Rothfeld '14—Germany: Intensive German Language Course, Goethe Institut
Jonathan Sigworth '12—US: Mobile Mentors Rehabilitation Pilot Program, Millennium Relief and Development Services, Boston
Danielle Smith '15—US: Middlebury Russian Language Program
Rianna Starheim '15—India, US: IDEX Accelerator Global Fellowship
Matt Sturm '13—US: Independent Photography Project, "Identical Anatomies"
Jeremy Teicher '10—US: Apprenticeship at Skywalker Sound
Jenna van de Ruit '15—South Africa: MA in Creative Writing, University of Cape Town
Ngozi Udeh '15—Nigeria: Study of Public Space in Emerging Urban Areas
Elissa Watters '15—Hungary: Work on Pop Art exhibit, Ludwig Museum

William H. Memorial Loan
John Vineyard '11 - US:  M.A. in Education Leadership, Columbia University

Paul L. & Neil T. McGorrian Fellowship
Zachary Nelson '15 – Myanmar: Narrative Journalism

Alfred K. Priest Scholarship
Christine Goldrick '11
Johannes Lohmann '09
Amanda Lee '12

James B. Reynolds Scholarships for Foreign Study

Nina Brekelmans '12—Lebanon: Arabic Literature and Creative Writing Study, Institut Français du Proche-Orient
Kristopher Brown '14—Switzerland: Study of Catalyst Engineering for Sustainable Biofuels, École Polytechnique Féderale de Lausanne
Jane Cavalier '14—UK: MA in the History of Art, Courtauld Institute
Sean Hammett '14—UK: Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art
Feynman Liang '15—UK: MPhil in Machine Learning, Cambridge University
Steven Nugent '15—UK: MSc in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science, Oxford University
Benjamin Randolph '15—UK: MA Philosophy and Psychoanalysis, University of Essex
Amelia Ritger '15—Curação: Study of Invasive Lionfish, Caribbean Marine Biological Institute
Rebecca Rothfeld '14—UK: BPhil in Philosophy, Cambridge University
Max Samuels '15—UK: MA in Classical Acting, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Trevy Wing '14—UK: MSc in Environmental Change and Management, Oxford University

Honorary Reynolds Scholars
Shweta Raghu'15
Maia Salholz-Hillel '15
Andrew Zulker '15
Thomas McQuillan '13

Fred C. Scribner, Jr. Scholarship for Law Study
Theresa Smith '15 - Harvard Law School
Tatsura Yamamura '15 - Yale Law School

Charles H. Woodbury Memorial Law Scholarship
Marina Shkuratov '15 - Havard Law School




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