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Scholarship Advising
Parker House, HB 6201
Room 106
Hanover, NH
Phone:  603.646.1622
Fax:  603.646.8190
Email: scholarship advising

2011-2012 Scholarship Winners

For previous years' winners click here


Critical Language Scholarship Program

    Michael Burbank '13 - Arabic
    Blaine Johnson '13 - Chinese (China)
    Claire Kim '13 - Russian (Russia)

DAAD (German Academic Exchange) Scholarship

    Christopher Zarbock '12  - Biology

Fulbright Scholarship(as of 8/31/12):

     Jacob Batchelor '12 - Malaysia - English Teaching Assistantship    
     Kelsey Carter '12 - South Korea - English Teaching Assistantship
     Roger David Dulceany GR '13 - Romania
     Sasha Earnheart-Gold '04 - Mongolia - Interdisciplinary Studies
     Muhammad Elatab '09 - Kazakhstan - Economic Development
     Michael Gillis '12 - South Korea - English Teaching Assistantship
     Nicole Yunger Halpern '11 - UK - Physics
     Amanda Lee '12 - Thailand - English Teaching Assistantship
     Derek Lee GR - Tanzania - Biology
     Christopher Zarbock '12 - Germany - Biology


     Johannes Lohmann '09 - Spain - Business Management

Goldwater Scholarship

    Marissa Lynn '13 - honorable mention
    Andrew Zureick '13 - honorable mention

NSEP/Boren Scholarship

   W. Reuben Hurst '12 - Brazil

Truman Scholarship

   Emma Smith '13

Udall Scholarship

   Jason Curley '13 - winner
   Montana Wilson '13 - honorable mention
   Nicole Kanayurak '13 - honorable mention

Woodrow Wilson-Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowship
for Aspiring Teachers of Color

    ShanĂ©e Brown '12 - MA in Teaching of English, Columbia University



H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowships

     Sara Brown '10 - Netherlands & Scandinavia: Green Space and Land Use Policy

Dartmouth General Fellowships

     Sahin Acikgoz AM '12 - Canada: MA in Women's and Gender Studies, University of Toronto
     Kamil Adamczewski '11 - UK: MSc, Computer Science, Oxford University
     Ellen Anderson MALS '12- Norway: Norwegian Language & Literature, University of Oslo
     Laura Andreae '10 - US: Masters in Urban Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     Yanjiao Chen '12  - China: "Qi" and the Subtle Things in Life
     Elizabeth Faiella '12 - US: Study on Conscientious Objector Camps in WWII New Hampshire
     Wonik Jang '12 - Netherlands: Study on the Hague Convention 1907
     Yun Ni AM '12 - US: Studies in Medieval Latin, Notre Dame University
     Elizabeth Parker '12 - US: Study on Population Genetics in Female Island Lizard, Dartmouth College
     Mary Lina Stepick '10 - US: Study on Equity and Displacement, Community Based Organizations, UCLA
     Daniel Susman '10 - US: "Growing Cities" Documentary Film
     Mary Tate '12 - San Francisco: One Heart World-Wide
     Claire Wagner '10 - Rwanda: Ubumwe Project, Department of Pediatrics, Kigali University
     Crystal Wirth '06 - US: Study on Aristotelian Epistemology, Dominican House of Studies

     Honorary Dartmouth General Fellow

     Daniel Hegedus '12 US: Chinese Language Study, Middlebury Language School

Paul L. & Neil T. McGorrian Fellowship

     Tara Kedia '12 - Switzerland: World Health Organization, Stop TB Department

Alfred K. Priest Fellowships

     Lindsey Beckett '11 - JD, Harvard Law School
     Sindhura Kodali '08 - MA Public Heath - Harvard School of Public Health
     Nuith Morales '11 - Master's of Landscape Architecture - Harvard University Graduate School of Design
     Kurt Prescott '12 - MTS in Old Testament Bible - Harvard Divinity School

     Honorary Priest Fellowship
     Nina Brekelmans '12 - MA in Regional Studies, Middle East - Harvard University


James B. Reynolds Scholarships for Foreign Study

     Justin Bauer '12 - China: Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies, Beijing
     Elise Braunschweig '08 - UK: MSc, Public Health at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
     Sarah Carson '09 - UK: MSc, History of Science, Medicine and Technology, Oxford University
     Liana Chase '11 - Canada: MSc in Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University
     Elena Falloon '11 - UK: MSc, Global Governance and Diplomacy, Oxford University
     Nathan Gusdorf '12 - Germany: study on Adorno and the Frankfurt School
     Michelle Ha '11 - Egypt: Advanced Intensive Arabic Language Study
     Atesede Makonnen '12 - UK: MA in Shakespeare Studies, King's College, London
     Anna Niedbala '12 - UK: MSc, Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, Oxford University
     Jordan Osserman '11 - UK: MA, Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies, University College London
     Anne Peale '11 - UK: MSc, Material Cultures and the History of the Book, University of Edinburgh
     Chelsea Perfect '12 -  UK: MSt, Greek and/or Latin Languages and Literature, Oxford University
     Rebecca Sacks '08 - Israel: MA, Jewish Studies, Tel Aviv University
     Kimberly Waters '11 - UK: Dual MA-MSc in International and World History, London School of Economics
     Murktarat Yussuf '12 - UK: Study on Identity, Globalization and Anglo-Nigerian Art, SOAS

Honorary Reynolds Scholars

     Muhammad Elatab '09

Fred C. Scribner, Jr. Scholarship for Law Study

     Madeline Sims '12 - Columbia Law School

Fred C. Scribner, Jr. & James Hamlen Scholarship for Law

     Chun Ling So '12 - University of Pennsylvania Law School

Charles H. Woodbury Memorial Law Scholarships

     Shengzhi Li '12 - Harvard Law School
     Shiyu Xu '12 - Harvard Law School

William Hill Memorial Loan

     Despoina Sideri '11 - MPA in Public Policy, London School of Economics

Last Updated: 8/5/16