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DAAD Study Scholarship for Graduating Seniors


DAAD Study Scholarships fund highly qualified students of all disciplines to participate in post-graduate study in Germany. Applicants should have a well-defined study or research project that makes a stay in Germany essential. Preference will be given to applicants who have either been admitted to a German host institution or can prove that they have established contact with a host institution.

Graduate study scholarships cover one academic year (10 months) with the possibility of a one-year extension for students in Master's degree programs to complete a full degree course in Germany.



  • Any academic field; study in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine should contact DAAD for special guidelines.
  • Graduating senior applicants must be enrolled full-time at an accredited university when applying.
  • US or Canadian citizen. Foreign nationals must have studied at an accredited US or Canadian university for at least two years. All foreign nationals must contact DAAD New York before applying to determine eligibility.
  • Have a well-defined study project that makes a stay in Germany essential. Preference will be given to applicants with invitations from a German university faculty member to study in a particular department.
  • Have a good command of German if applying in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
  • May not hold another German or German-American organization/German-Canadian organization award concurrent with a DAAD grant. Prior DAAD grant recipients should contact DAAD New York to determine eligibility.
  • Younger than 32 at start of grant.


 Application Process


DAAD applicants must be nominated by the Dartmouth College Committee on Graduate Fellowships. Any student wishing to be nominated should download the Study Scholarship Application (for graduating seniors) from the DAAD website and submit the following to the Fellowship Advising office by the campus deadline of October 1, 2016:

  1. Scholarship Registration Web Form (Submit by email PRIOR to the campus deadline)
    This form provides Scholarship Advising with the necessary information to open an application file and communicate with you about the application process and important deadlines and considerations.
  2. Complete the Nomination Permission Form and Waiver (Submit to Scholarship Advising by email PRIOR to the campus deadline)
  3. Application Form
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Study Proposal
  6. One Recommendation Letter as an original (paper) copy.
  7. Study program information form.
  8. Evidence of Contact with German Institution
  9. DAAD Language Evaluation Form  Please note:  The DAAD language evaluation form is not considered confidential.  You should make this clear to your evaluator and ask them to send one PDF copy to you cc’d to Fellowship Advising.
  10. Official Transcript - Current Undergraduates should order an official e-transcript through the Registrar's homepage once your fall term classes are finalized.  Transcripts should be sent directly to
  11. Official Transcripts from other institutions (NOTE: If your Dartmouth transcript shows a "TR" for study abroad or other courses, you MUST have a separate transcript for those courses. This is true even if the program originated through Dartmouth).

The Committee on Graduate Fellowships will read all application materials and decide on nominations. You will be informed of your status via e-mail.


Recommendation Letters

The Recommendation Letter should be sent by to Fellowship Advising as an original paper document with signature by the recommender.

For more information on recommendation letters, click here.


Final Application Submission

Once you have earned Dartmouth's nomination for the DAAD, you must upload all application components (except for the recommendation letter) into the online application portal.  To see a list of these materials, see this document

The Fellowship Advising office will submit three copies of your application summary and recommendation letter by the DAAD deadline of October 31, 2016 for study in the fields of art or music, or by November 4, 2016 for study in all other fields.


DAAD Study Scholarship Application Schedule

October 1, 2016

Campus Deadline for Application Materials

October 31 or November 4, 2016

DAAD Study Scholarship Application Deadline (depending on field of study)

April 2017

DAAD Scholars Announced



Additional Information

DAAD Study Scholarship website

Frequently Asked Questions


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