Intern Hall of Fame

Post-graduate Internship

Every academic year four senior major or minor graduates are chosen to remain at Dartmouth for a post-graduate year as Studio Art Interns. Majors have priority, should candidates have equal qualifications. Each is provided with a studio and small annual stipend. In return they assist in classes, work in the gallery and monitor shops, also serving as role models and mentors for undergraduates. The presence of the interns working at an advanced level helps raise the quality of undergraduate work, and interns gain experience that helps prepare them for graduate school.


Bogyi Banovich

Bogyi Banovich was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from Dartmouth in 2012 a major in Studio Art, concentrating in sculpture, with a minor in Earth Sciences. Bogyi's work is constantly evolving, but his recent work concentrates on the forms and ideas of the future in regards to the evolution of life and the planet. He has a fond interest in surrealist art and tries to work his sense of humor into most of his work as well. He looks forward to developing his skills over this coming year as an intern and further exploring the materials he loves to work with: steel, plastic stretch wrap, and silicon. Bogyi plans on pursuing his artistic practice as a career, maybe teaching as well, and will probably end up moving back to the concrete jungle that is NYC, his home.

Malia Reeves

Malia Reeves grew up in the beautiful artist colony of Taos, New Mexico. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2012 with a focus in Painting and Drawing and a double minor in Art History and Spanish. For her Honors Thesis, Malia made paintings that explored the phrensied energy of reflections and water, acrid vibrancy and staring eyes. They were about tears and womanhood and about a place where dreams and reality meet. Malia is excited to continue her career in art this year and into the future. She would like to someday pursue an MFA and eventually teach art and outdoor education in a lovely mountain town.

Stuart Lantry

Stuart Lantry was born in the San Fransisco area, but grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. He graduated Dartmouth in 2012 with a major in Studio Art, with a focus in painting, while also achieving a minor in German. Stuart's artwork has continuously evolved to reach its current state, where the artist depicts urban walls and textures connecting graffiti, street art and their surfaces to previous art historical movements. Among these artists, Stuart is particularly inspired by the work of Jean-Michelle Basquiat and Robert Rauschenberg. Stuart hopes to use the next year to develop his work, further incorporate 3 dimensions and begin the daunting life of an artist. Ultimately, Stuart plans on moving to NYC in the hopes of immersing himself in his urban subject matter and hopefully supporting himself as an artist.

Stacey Derosier

Stacey Derosier was born in Connecticut and grew up in Queens and Long Island, NY. She graduated from Dartmouth in the year 2012 where she studied as a major in Studio Art with a Film and Media Studies minor. While her work continues to develop, her pieces tend to focus on interactions between expressive, organic forms and absolute, geometric shapes to create provocative compositions. Stacey plans to spend the next year making work in the hopes of understanding her gravitation to these shapes and forms.


Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore is from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2011, majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography and minoring in English. Caroline seems incapable of choosing a single medium, but whether working in painting or photography or printmaking, her texture fixation never wavers. In each piece, she strives to create a tactile experience to bring the viewer closer to the subject. Caroline has very little idea what she wants to do with her life, but looks forward to fleshing out her plans over the next year while indulging her artistic impulses.

Grace Dowd

Grace Dowd '11 was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated Dartmouth with a Major in Sociology and a Minor in Studio Art. Grace is in the process of exploring as many mediums as possible while broadening her artistic knowledge and execution. She does, however, tend to focus predominantly in photography and sculpture. This summer, she exhibited in the Barrows Rotunda at Dartmouth’s Hopkins Center. Her installation, "This is My World" received both positive and negative feedback but was an excellent debut into the art world. See an article about the exhibition:

Max Van Pelt

Max Van Pelt ’11 grew up in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from Dartmouth in 2011 with a Major in Studio Art concentrating in Architecture. During his two-term Senior Seminar, Max enjoyed many blissful days throwing sparks in the metal shop, drawing with imperceptibly small pieces of charcoal, and learning to become “spongelike.” Max pursued an Honors Thesis to study the function of specific moments or details as the unraveling points that yield larger unseen ideas and forms. This body of work emerged in welded steel sculpture with wood and cast concrete elements as well as large explosive drawings that thread between the geometries of architectural space and the artist’s mind freely responding from one element to the next. Over the next year in the oasis, Max will continue flushing out his love for art and for architecture, and is in no hurry to figure out the next step.

Natalia Wrobel

Natalia Wrobel ’11 grew up in San Diego, California. She graduated from Dartmouth with a major in Studio Art, concentrating in Painting, and a minor in Art History. For her Honors Thesis, she explored the manipulation of two-dimensional spaces through the creation and disruption of balance to develop canvases in a constant state of flux. Natalia is now continuing to further her understanding of the purpose of art and its role in her life.