Post-graduate Internship

Every academic year four senior major or minor graduates are chosen to remain at Dartmouth for a post-graduate year as Studio Art Interns. Majors have priority, should candidates have equal qualifications. Each is provided with a studio and small annual stipend. In return they assist in classes, work in the gallery and monitor shops, also serving as role models and mentors for undergraduates. The presence of the interns working at an advanced level helps raise the quality of undergraduate work, and interns gain experience that helps prepare them for graduate school.

This year’s Studio Art Interns are Lexi Campbell '13, Luca Molnar '13, Lin Bo'13, Will Bryant '13, and Sabrina Yegela '13. Below you’ll find information about each of them. If you’d like to ask them any questions about the Internship or Major/Minor please do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Luca Molnar

Luca Molnar was born in Budapest, Hungary, and grew up in Arkansas, North Carolina and New Jersey. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2013 as a Studio Art Major with a concentration in painting and completed an honors thesis entitled "unsignificantly." While her studio practice continues to develop, she spent much of last year trying to understand and visualize the inscriptions we carry in our mental and emotional psyche and how they contribute to personal identity. She seems to continually cycle through ideas about home, mental space, the figure, language, and color. This year, she hopes to push and explore the outer limits of her work, while deciding what role art, the studio, and teaching will play in her life.

Lexi Campbell

Lexi Campbell was born and raised in San Diego, California. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2013 where she studied as a major in studio art. Although she began her senior year as a painter, Lexi graduated with a greater focus on photography. Specifically she is interested in photography as a mark-making tool by combining multiple photos into one composition. Fascinated by the complexity of human emotion, Lexi attempts to recreate the sense of mental disarray when experiencing a powerful emotion. She hopes to use this next year to develop as a photographer and gain experience in art education. Lexi plans to pursue a MFA and continue to use art as a means of understanding the human psyche.

Lin Bo

Lin grew up in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Dartmouth College as a Studio Art major concentrating in painting. When he paints, Lin deconstructs and re-creates his emotions piece by piece in hope that as an artist he can answer the questions of why something so simple could mean so much: Someone who has never had a sleepless night of heartbreak cannon appreciate the fragile glimmer of the sunrise by the lakeshore. Someone who has never been in love cannot feel the happiness of a box of pink orchids blowing in the sunny, summer wind by a Swiss train station.

Will Bryant

Will grew up in the western suburbs of Atlanta. He received a double major in Geography and Studio Art. His work focuses on chronicling the Black experience in America.

Sabrina Yegela

Sabrina Yegela was born and raised in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. She graduated from Dartmouth in 2013 with a double major in Economics and Studio Art with a concentration in photography and sculpture. Using an array of materials she creates installations that are subtle visual manifestations of feelings and experiences with Black Identity in America, as seen through the eyes of an African girl who did not grow up Black in Tanzania. She hopes to use this next year to develop a stronger dialogue as an artist, and figure what her next step in life will be.

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