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Who We Are

Anna Hall

anna hall

Director, Collis Center

Oversees the Collis Center and Student Involvement office. Sets departmental goals and is responsible for strategic planning, evaluation, and assessment. Oversees social and educational programming for the campus community. Chairs the Council on Student Organizations and Special Programs and Events Committee. Facilitates major College annual events including Orientation, Bonfire, Winter Carnival, Green Key Weekend, Family Weekends, and Graduation Gala.

Tim DugganTim

Assistant Director

Supervises the Tech staff which provides technical support for events within Collis, Robinson, and '53 Commons.  Works closely with student organizations to provide technical assistance for their events.  Helps maintain the Collis Center facilities and manages all technical equipment in the building.  Advises Friday Night Rock.  Contact: Tim

David Pack dani

Assistant Director

Coordinates social and educational opportunities for students with particular emphasis on student programming and leadership development. Supervises Collis After Dark and the Collis Orientation Team, advises the Programming Board, assists with Dartmouth Traditional & Family Weekends, and coordinates leadership initiatives for the Collis Center. Contact: David



Quita DavisQuita

Collis Coordinator

Serves as the initial point of contact for reserving spaces in Collis Center, Robinson Hall and '53 Commons.  Reserves and confirms suitable space for students, staff and faculty or suggests alternative locations.  Scheduler also helps manage daily operations of the Collis Information Desk and works closely with the Collis Student Manager staff.  Contact: Quita

Catherine Follensbeecathy

Accounting Specialist, Student Organizations

Assists Accounting Assistant with student organizational account needs. Responsible for student organizations DA$H. Contact: Cathy

Diane Nadeaudiane

Accounting Specialist, Student Organizations

Oversees the day-to-day financial activities of about 180 student organizations. Helps the student treasurers manage their organizational budgets, track their account balances, and arrange all payments needed to support their various programs and events. Serves as the link between the various financial needs of the organizations and the sometimes-confusing College Accounting System policies to make sure all the forms of financial paperwork go through the system smoothly and on time. Responsible for student organizations DA$H. Contact: Diane




Last Updated: 10/9/15