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The core value of discovery is at the heart of the work done by the Collis Center for Student Involvement. The activities that Dartmouth students are involved in help them to learn new skills, find their personal strengths and weaknesses, and help them to think "outside of the box." We encourage students to bring talent to the Collis Center for the entire Dartmouth community to see, and along the way as part of the planning process, we help students to expand their awareness and consciousness of things outside their comfort zone, to be challenged on their tightly-held beliefs, and to look outside the Dartmouth bubble to discover "best practices." Through trial and error and learning from challenges that arise along the way, students discover a great deal about themselves and thus grow and mature as individuals.

Student Quotes

“I think I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I’ve always been interested in organizing events, even back in high school where I organized cultural weeks and dinners and shows and stuff like that, and here it’s something that is so stimulating for me. You have this project for a period of time and it’s all you can think about. You get together this group of people who normally would never work with each other and you get them to also become excited and involved with this project. Also, the final outcome is sometimes so different from what you had first planned, but it’s the process that leads you to this outcome that really counts. Also, it has influenced me in such a way that I feel this is something I want to pursue as a career- I’m looking into event planning and marketing so this is something that has influenced me tremendously.”

“It’s expanded the way I interact with people as well as the way that I think about and analyze things. I think things through by writing now; as I’m doing an article things will occur to me. So I feel that I’ve also just really learned a lot about paying attention to what you can analyze in a situation and what’s important.”

Last Updated: 6/4/10