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Connection is a core value of the Collis Center for Student Involvement that emphasizes the importance of students developing relationships between each other and amongst the Dartmouth community at large. Effectively communicating to students about different events on campus, networking skills, an appreciation of difference, and founding healthy relationships are all important components of establishing connections. An important aspect of connection is different organizations working together on an event, collaborating as "co-hosts" on a variety of initiatives, and we particularly encourage collaborative programs and events among diverse organizations.

Student Quotes

“The reason why I’m at Dartmouth is pretty much the organizations. When I went to Williams for their accepted student visiting thing - President Garfield went to Williams and he was a Republican - and they had this Q&A panel and I asked them, 'How active is your Garfield Republicans club?’ and the girl laughed at me…. and so I was like ‘oh, ok.’ And then a couple of days later I went to Dartmouth Dimensions and did the student activities fair and it was like, 'Oh wow there is actually diversity on campus' and it’s great to be in an organization like that where you are able to be with other people who share your beliefs and are (pause) it’s cool to know that you’re not alone especially at Dartmouth.” - College Republicans '11

“It was a really good experience for me my first year, I liked all the upperclassmen on staff. I didn’t join a social house of any type until this term - I joined Panarchy. So that was a place where we would have social events once a term and we would hang out in the office and also it was something that I just sort of intrinsically believe in - the importance of a progressive newspaper on campus. I like writing, I like editing and fixing people’s stuff so it just sort of- as I got more responsibilities - I just always enjoyed it and cared enough about it that I knew I would keep doing it.” - Dartmouth Free Press '09

Last Updated: 6/4/10