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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I receive my registration packet in the mail?

      A: A letter to families and a registration card will be mailed at the beginning of June. 

Q: When and where can I check in?

A: Collis Center - Common Ground
Friday, July 26 noon-7pm
Saturday, July 27 8am-noon

Q: Is there a fee?

A: Yes, information about registration fees can be found in the registration form on the Family Weekend website. 

Q: Do I have to present my nametage at all events?

A: Yes, student volunteers will be staffing the doors at all events and only allowing those with Sophomore Family Weekend nametag's or Dartmouth IDs into the events. **It is imperative that you check in and pick up your registration packet and nametags in Collis.

Q: Are children allowed to attend?

A: Yes, children are welcome, but NO childcare services will be provided.

Q: Where will events be held?

A: An updated schedule will be included in your registration packet that you will receive at check-in. This will include locations for all events.

Q: How many family members may attend?

A: There is no limit. The more the merrier!

Q: When does Family Weekend end?

      A: Most families choose to depart campus on Sunday mid-day but there is no official closing event.

Q: What will the weather be like?

A: New Hampshire weather is hard to predict. Please consult a weather forecasting source.

Q: Is there a shuttle service?

A: No, a shuttle service is not provided.

Last Updated: 6/13/13