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Reservations and Set-ups


To make a reservation for a room in Collis, Thayer, or Robinson, please go to the Webviewer Please use the Weviewer for Staff if you are Staff and the Webviewer for Students if you are a Student. You will receive an email confirmation that the request has been received - this is NOT A RESERVATION CONFIRMATION.

Reservations may be made up to one year in advance for one-time events while standing reservations may be made during the last 2 weeks of the prior term.

A College account string is required to make a reservation and this number will be used if any damages occur. Normally, there is no charge to student organizations for use of space. Events that require extraordinary set up or technical support may incur special charges, which will be discussed with the person making the reservation prior to the event.

In order to make the best use of spaces in the buildings the Collis Scheduler will assign rooms accordingly. Groups may request a particular location and that preference will be taken into account when possible.

Any cancellations of reservations should be made at least 72 hours in advance to allow another group access to the space.

Set-ups and Decorations

Each event must be completely set up, run, and cleaned up during its reserved time. This also means that decorations, rented furnishings, and technical equipment from outside vendors must be removed from the building during the reservation time.

In Common Ground, the Collis Center and Student Activities staff can provide an extensive array of set ups and technical equipment much of which is available to student organizations at no charge. Other items needed may be rented at the expense of the program's host.

Prohibitions - helium balloons, smoke, open flames, fog and bubble machines, internal combustion engines (including chainsaws and motorcycles).

Last Updated: 11/19/08