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Food Preparation Form

This form must be completed by any group planning to prepare their own food to serve at any event or meeting at Collis. All information requested is required.

Event Information

Event Name:

Event Date:

Event Start Time: Event End Time:

Event Location:

Sponsoring Organization:

Requestor (Event Organizer):

Contact Phone Number:

Approximate Headcount:

Food Preparation Information

Is this an outdoor "barbecue"? If so, how are you lighting the charcoal?
(Please note that ONLY Dartmouth grills may be used.)

Where is the food being prepared?

How and by whom is it being prepared? i.e. from scratch, pre-prepared, etc.

How are you insuring the safe preparation and storage of food?

How are you transporting it?

How are you keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold?

Who will be eating the food (i.e. students, faculty or staff, community members)?

Who is serving the food?

How are you planning on cleaning up? What resources for cleaning do you have available?

How will you address possible food allergies by your attendees (i.e. peanuts, milk, egg, wheat, etc.)?

Last Updated: 9/12/11