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Facilities Details

FUELAn essential array of student services and conveniences makes the Collis Center the crossroads of campus life at Dartmouth. The constant stream of students, faculty and staff, community members and visitors alike through the many facilities of Collis creates a lively mix of activity which fosters a broad definition of community. Listed below are some facilities highlights.

Features of the Collis Center

On the Main Floor:

  • Collis CafĂ© - featuring homemade breads, soups and deserts as well as wonderful stir-fries, omelettes and pasta dishes
  • Information Desk and Box Office - general campus and area information, ticket sales for student organization events, fax machine and the Collis lost and found
  • The Living Room - 3 High Def TVs with DirecTV (including NFL, NHL, MLB and Soccer sports packages). 
  • Lobby Table - may be reserved by student organizations for fundraising or for raising awareness
  • Fax Machine - at the Information Desk free of charge

On the Lower Level:

  • 8-Ball Hall Game Room - 3 competition grade pool tables, 2 pinball games, 1 foosball table and 3 TVs
  • Collis Market
  • GreenPrint - 2 printing stations (single and double-sided) for Dartmouth student use.
  • One Wheelock student managed coffee lounge and event space.

On the Upper Levels:

  • GLOS - Greek Letter Organizations and Societies (Suite 211)
  • Student Accessibility Services (Suite 205)
  • Collis Center for Student Involvement (Suite 303)
  • Student Life (Rooms 213-217)

Throughout the building:

  • Study and lounging space, perches, nooks and comfortable areas
  • Meeting rooms large and small - there are over a dozen meeting rooms (some of which are equipped with data projection or TVs with VHS/DVD players)
  • Email Stations - available on the second floor balcony near the bathrooms

Meeting and Event Space

Each room has a standard set-up except Common Ground, which has a variety of standard set-ups to choose from. Users may make requests for special set-ups in their reservation requests please use VirtualEMS 

More complicated set-up requests should be discussed with Assistant Director of the Collis Center for Student Involvement, Timothy Duggan, who will determine whether they are possible with Collis Staff and resources or if they should be referred to Conferences and Special Events, Classroom Technology Services, or an outside vendor.


Audio-Visual Features of Event Venues

Common Ground, Sarner Underground and ONE Wheelock all have a full sound systems, theatrical lighting and high-quality projection.

Sarner Underground:

Mains: MacCauleys with 2 x 12" and 3" horns, Sidefills: EV QRx 212/75, Subs: EV QRx 218S and Mackie SRM2850 Amps: QSC for mains, EV subs use Crown XTi 2 6002, Mackie subs are self-powered Mixers: Allen and Heath Cu-16

Common Ground:

Mains: EAW center cluster,  EV for side fills and monitors, Mackie subs  Amps: Crest and Crown Mixer Mackie Onyx 1640i


ONE Wheelock:

Mains: OnPoint CIM212 with OPA LineSub Monitors: EV Amps: Yorkville Mixer Allen and Heath Qu-16



Reserve-able Facilities

The following spaces may be reserved through the Collis Reservations Webviewer. Please note the Reservation Policies for these spaces.

Maximum capacity limits are listed for each reserve-able space and will be strictly adhered to as they are set based on safety standards, fire codes, and accessibility.

  • Common Ground - 300 standing (with nothing else in room), 200 chairs auditorium style (with minimal setup in room), 144 banquet style (with minimal setup in room).  If there is a stage, buffet tables, AV or other setups in room, capacities will be reduced.
  • 101 Collis - 30 seated
  • 212 Collis - 20 seated
  • 218 Collis - 16 seated
  • 219 Collis - 10 seated
  • 221 Collis - 10 seated
  • 222 Collis - 5 seated
  • 223 Collis - 4 seated
  • 303 Collis (call 646-0910 for reservations)
  • Collis Cafe - 80 seated
  • Collis Patio
  • Gellar Plaza (between Robinson and Collis)
  • One Wheelock (call 646-0910 for reservations)
  • Robinson 14 & 15 - 30 seated
  • Robinson 106 - 12 seated
  • Tom Dent Cabin - 49 standing
  • Sarner East/West (the entire Sarner Underground event space without divider) - 200 standing, 100 theater-style, 84 banquet-style
  • Sarner West - 80 standing
  • Sarner East - 60 standing, 50 theater-style, 42 banquet-style
  • Paganucci Lounge - 80 standing, 55 theater-style, 48 banquet-style


Last Updated: 1/5/17