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Council On Class Officers (COCO)

What is Class Council?

COCO acts as representative body for each class to promote Class Pride, encourage Class Community and help build strong relationships among the students.

What does Class Council do?

Each class council is responsible for organizing and planning class wide events for many different occasions.  Some examples are: formals/dances, topical lunches, class trips, student-professor teas, etiquette dinners, homecoming, Super Bowl parties, newsletters, study breaks, and community service events.  Class Councils are always open for new ideas and are constantly creating new ways to celebrate student involvement at Dartmouth.

Here are a few class specific examples of what the Class Council is involved in.

18's Class Council will take a large roll in planning and organizing Bonfire each year as well as First Year Family Weekend. More information to follow.

16's Class Council will be planning Sophomore Family Weekend as well as programs during Sophomore Summer, such as Fieldstock.

15's Class Council will be focused on planning Senior Week and Commencement events.

All Class Councils are involved in Winter Carnival.

Additional Information

Class Councils are different from Student Assembly.  Student Assembly represents the Student Body as liaison to the Dartmouth Administration. 

All Class Council meetings are open to non-elected students of each class.  Once weekly meetings get underway we will publish times and locations, so students may attend and put forth their ideas and recommendations for class events.

'18 Class Council Petitions and Rules


2015 Class Council President

Chase Mertz


2016 Class Council President

Danny Reitsch


2016 Class Council Vice-President

Victor Muchatuta


2017 Class Council President

Paul Ghazah


2017 Class Council Vice-President

Elisabeth Schricker



Last Updated: 3/4/14