Sandip Sukhtankar - Research

Journal Articles:
Corruption in India: Bridging Research Evidence and Policy Options, with Milan Vaishnav (CEIP). Forthcoming July 2015 (draft available soon), Brookings-NCAER India Policy Forum 2014
The Impact of Corruption on Consumer Markets: Evidence from the Allocation of 2G Wireless Spectrum in India. Forthcoming May 2015 (vol 58), Journal of Law and Economics [Latest version, Oct 2014] A previous version circulated under the title "Much Ado About Nothing? Corruption in the Allocation of Wireless Spectrum in India"
Corruption Dynamics: The Golden Goose Effect, with Paul Niehaus (UCSD). American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, vol 5, no 4, pp 230-69, November 2013. [Final pre-publication version] [BREAD Working Paper Version]
Awarded the 2014 American Economic Journal: Economic Policy best paper prize by the American Economic Association.
The Marginal Rate of Corruption in Public Programs: Evidence from India, with Paul Niehaus (UCSD). Journal of Public Economics, vol 104, pp 52-64, August 2013. [Final pre-publication version] A previous version circulated under the title "Marginal Leakage and Public Programs".
Sweetening the Deal? Political Connections and Sugar Mills in India American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol 4, no 3, pp 43-63, July 2012. [Final pre-publication version] [Data] [Appendix]
Does Happiness Pay? An Exploration Based On Panel Data from Russia, with Carol Graham (Brookings) and Andrew Eggers (LSE). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 55, no 3, pp 319-342, Nov 2004.
Does Economic Crisis Reduce Support for Markets and Democracy in Latin America? Some Evidence from Surveys of Public Opinion and Well Being, with Carol Graham (Brookings). Journal of Latin American Studies, vol 36, no 2, pp 349-377, May 2004.
Working Papers:
Building State Capacity: Evidence from Biometric Smartcards in India, with Paul Niehaus and Karthik Muralidharan (both UCSD). Revise and resubmit requested, American Economic Review NBER Working Paper w19999
Does Firm Ownership Structure Matter? Evidence from Sugar Mills in India, under review [Current version, Apr 2015]
Policy and Other Writing:
Building state capacity for better programme implementation: Lessons from the Andhra Pradesh Smartcard Programme, with Karthik Muralidharan and Paul Niehaus. Ideas for India, December, 2014 [Ideas for India version] [Mint version]
The Sweet Spot. Op-ed, The Indian Express, November, 2014 [Published version]
Because the Price was Right. Op-ed, The Indian Express, February, 2014 [Published version]
Two Questions about the 2G Scam. Ideas for India, March, 2013 [Published version]
Implementing a Biometric Payment System: The Andhra Pradesh Experience, joint with Piali Mukhopadhyay, Karthik Muralidharan (UCSD) and Paul Niehaus (UCSD). 2013 [Technical report]
Corruption in MGNREGA. Ideas for India, July, 2012 [Published version]
What Determines MGNREGA Wages? Some Evidence on Voice and Exit from Orissa. India in Transition, April 9, 2012 [Published version]
The Right to Choose your Food, joint with Karthik Muralidharan and Paul Niehaus (both UCSD). Op-ed, The Indian Express, August 2, 2011 [Published version] [Original version]
Assessing the Scope for Cash Transfers in lieu of the TPDS in Rural and Urban Bihar, joint with Karthik Muralidharan and Paul Niehaus (both UCSD). 2011 [Policy report]
The Bigger They are, the Harder They Fall: The Cost of the Crisis in Corporate Governance, joint with Carol Graham and Robert Litan (both Brookings). Milken Institute Review, 5(1): First Quarter 2003, pp 37-45.