Succeeding Summers

Wed, 22 Sep 2010 11:59:58 +0000

If these statements from The Washington Post are true:

Sources said the White House is considering whether to choose a candidate who could blunt criticism that the administration has been anti-business, such as a corporate chieftain or prominent investor.

Administration officials are also eager to find a woman to fill a top economic role, since Romer's departure left Obama with an all-male group of principals at his daily economic briefing.

Then President Obama's first choice to succeed Larry Summers as Director of the National Economic Council should be Anne Mulcahy, former CEO and chairwoman of Xerox.  <!--break-->She visited campus last fall, as a guest of the public policy center where I am the director.  Her personal narrative of working her way up through the company and leading it through a challenging turnaround are compelling.  They indicate a history of both teamwork and taking responsibility.  She came across as very smart and articulate -- you can watch her lecture, "Leadership Lessons Learned on the Firing Line" here.  After interacting with her for a day, I thought she would be a great college president.  I think she would be excellent as NEC Director as well.