Someone Didn't Get the Memo

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 01:46:18 +0000

From my inbox, this morning, from Fidelity Investments:

In 2011, Social Security withholdings taxes are being reduced by 2%. Since this money was intended for retirement savings, why not consider putting it into your own workplace savings plan? Check the amount that you are currently contributing and, if you are eligible to do so, consider increasing your contributions now to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why not?  Officially, because I am going to spend that money on things I would never have purchased otherwise, so that I may do my part to ensure enough aggregate demand to continue the recovery.  Technically, because the 2% was not intended for retirement saving -- it is being covered by the General Fund and my Social Security benefits are not any lower because of it.  My generation delays, your generation pays.