I Suppose It Is an Honor

Sat, 30 Aug 2008 20:39:23 +0000

To be written up by your graduate school alumni magazine in an article titled, "Obama's Geek Economist." Here is MIT's Technology Review's article on Austan Goolsbee. Here's an excerpt:

Moreover, if Obama does win, 2008 will be a watershed election in American political history for reasons unrelated to the new presi­dent's skin color. For decades, the resident of the White House has been closely associated with the South or Southwest. Now, someone from the intellectual milieu associated with the University of Chicago is a plausible candidate. Along with Goolsbee and other members of this intellectual movement--including Chicago Business School professor Richard Thaler, a founder of behavioral economics, and Cass Sunstein, a former professor at Chicago's law school--Obama subscribes to a distinctive set of economic theories developed at the university, and to a corresponding set of policy prescriptions. These people are Chicagoans, who--to paraphrase a native son--go at things in their own way, on the basis of first to knock, first admitted. If Obama reaches the White House, they will not be shy about implementing those prescriptions.
Read the whole thing.