I Love Vermont

Sat, 14 Mar 2009 23:58:19 +0000

Why? Because in the midst of a war and a global economic contraction, its Supreme Court is deciding on Nutraloaf and due process. From the Burlington Free Press:

MONTPELIER -- Vermont inmates who use utensils to throw bodily waste or food can't be placed on a special diet without first going through a disciplinary process, a divided Vermont Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The court ruled that before inmates can be fed only water and Nutraloaf, a nutritionally complete but unappetizing concoction, they must be given due process of law.

It's not really the Court's fault -- the lower court clearly got the ruling wrong. Of course this is a punishment -- there are plenty of more appetizing ways to feed prisoners without giving them utensils -- so the rules for punishments should apply. But throwing bodily waste ought to carry a lot more punishment than just a change in diet, no?