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Current Projects

Energy Conservation

Vending machines: our vendor has begun installation of energy-efficient soft-drink vending machines.

Model Office Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation that highlights environmentally-friendly purchases, energy conservation, recycling, and other environmentally benign practices was presented to a group of administrative assistants at a lunch in December, 2003. The presentation is now available on our Website (URL).

Model Residence Hall Room

In cooperation with the Environmental Conservation Organization and the Office of Residential Life, a residence hall room has been devoted to the demonstration of environmentally friendly lifestyles. It was dedicated by President Wright, Provost Scherr, Dean Larimore, and ECO Coordinator Brent Reidy in September. The current occupants are Anne Raymond and Vicki Allen, both '06s, who open their room for educational tours periodically. You can visit the room virtually at (URL)


Procurement Services is working with other schools to achieve parity pricing for 100% recycled paper. Several offices have begun purchasing such paper.

Sustainability Indicators

Building on a study of the applicability of sustainability indicators by the Spring 2003 Environmental Studies 50 class under the direction of Professor Karen Fisher-Vanden, a student intern is developing measures that conform to the Global Reporting Initiative.


A Transportation Demand Management system has been implemented. It provides a cash incentive to people who live more than .75 miles from campus and surrender their parking permits. Two hybrid cars have been incorporated into the Dartmouth fleet.

Last Updated: 1/14/09