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January Meeting Notes

January 14, 2003

Present: Lisa Ashworth, Michael Blayney, Sylvia Chi, Robert Christensen, Beth DiFrancesco, David Eckels, Ann French, John Gratiot, David Harris, Bill Hochstin, Greg Husband, Mathew Lemberger, Larry Litten, Michael Ricci, Frank Roberts

1. Model Office Presentation

  • We reviewed the PowerPoint presentation put together by last term's RWG intern, Freya Sachs. The model office will probably be presented to department representatives in February, some time after the February RWG meeting. The rough draft version of the presentation will be streamlined and reorganized into four major sections: Purchases, Energy Saving, Computers, and Recycling/Composting. These separate sections will be sent out to RWG members for their contributions, according to their interests and expertise. One major point from the discussion was the need to emphasize the cost-saving benefits of conservation over the "save the planet" aspect. Also, the presentation should focus on making new procurements through the Purchasing department, which will be able to provide EnergyStar appliances and do research to find products with longest lifecycles, etc. Another point that was brought up was the possibility of including ergonomic furniture, and if not, should we consider changing the name from "Model Office" to a name that highlights the environmental consciousness that the presentation promotes. In the course of the presentation discussion, many interesting ideas for further initiatives were brought up, including the following: providing rebates to departments that purchase EnergyStar appliances; performing energy audits of departments to evaluate their power usage; standardizing coffee on campus to be fair trade.

2. Green Magazine

  • A student, Jeffrey Kemnitz, is starting a campus publication focusing on environmental issues. RWG has been asked to submit a 100-word statement about our activities from February to April to be included in the "Updates" section. We discussed that we should probably include some description of what RWG is.

3. Environmental Policy

  • Copies of the environmental policies of other universities - including Tufts, Middlebury, Emory and Tulane - were distributed. The College briefly addressed environmental concerns in President Wright's recently published strategic planning document, "Dartmouth College: Forever New" (available at In the "Facilities" section: "Dartmouth is committed to responsible environmental practices. We have adopted the standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program of the United States Green Building Council for our future construction. We have also implemented extensive energy conservation and recycling programs, and we are exploring the use of renewable fuels. Our forests have been certified as sustainably managed." Consider having Dartmouth issue a separate, official declaration of environmental policy? By next meeting, review the policies of other institutions for discussion.

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