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February Meeting Notes

February 11, 2003

Present: Lisa Ashworth, Sylvia Chi, Beth Difrancesco, John Gratiot, Dave Harris, Bill Hochstin, Mats Lemberger, Larry Litten, John Wilson

  1. January meeting notes - Approved, error in attendance list corrected.
  2. Model Office Presentation - The section on recycling is completed. We still need three sections of the model office presentation—computing/telecommunications, energy, and procurement services. We also determined that the presentation will be presented mainly by one person.
  3. Model Residence Hall Room - We approved the role of RWG intern as main coordinator of this project and this as the principal project for the intern for the remainder of the year. We discussed what appliances and items would be included in the room. We also discussed the possibility of coordinating a lease program for energy-efficient refrigerators for students. Another idea that was introduced was getting drying racks for the dorm laundry rooms.
  4. Surplus materials - We were advised "WinCycle" which refurbishes discarded computers for schools/nonprofits or consignment. It is directed by former RWG intern, Jesse Foote.
  5. Wood - We were updated on wood issues, including the effort to achieve FSC certification and to establish a cooperative to use Dartmouth's own certified wood from the College Grant. We learned that Dartmouth could make 25% savings on its own certified wood. Currently, Materials Management is working to establish a coop with other local institutes to acquire a central facility to store the wood.
  6. 100% Recycled paper - Sue DuBois, who is working to get all of Dartmouth to switch to recycled or tree-free paper, requested to have her cause presented at the departmental reps meeting when we present the model office presentation. We agreed to wait on test results of the recycled paper's performance before we would decide.
  7. Electronic bulletin board - Mat Lemberger shared his idea for electronic, video display bulletin boards to replace the conventional ones which waste a lot of paper.

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