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October Meeting Notes

October 8, 2002

Present: Beth DiFrancesco, Ann French, John Gratiot, Bill Hochstin, Larry Litten, Freya Sachs, Lisa Tiraboschi; guests, Paul Ligon, Sally Newman

1. Introductions, including Mathew Lemberger, representative from the Student Assembly and Sally Newman, Chair of the Student Assembly on Organizations.

2. Environmental Reporting Options—Paul Ligon, Tuck School

  • Paul is conducting an independent study with Professors Baker and Voght on Sustainability Reporting Frameworks and their Applicability to Dartmouth College. Paul previously worked for the Tellus Institute, which help develop the Global Reporting Initiative and produces business-based systems for addressing environmental problems.
  • Sustainability reporting is more than environmental metrics—social and financial as well.
  • Internal management systems vs. external reporting: University of Florida has full GRI reporting system, others have own internal framework—what would make sense for Dartmouth?
  • Bill Hochstin: historically—Green Lights Program, Dartmouth did its own and better
  • Sustainability reporting—should it be public disclosure or internal economic, environmental, and social information?
  • Larry Litten: Public disclosure—but also getting the information for internal use—need to examine costs and benefits of internal information versus external disclosure
  • Sustainability committees—what occurs at other schools, in industry?
  • Accounting firms—does a firm like PriceWaterhouseCoopers offer sustainability indicators?
  • ISO—internally oriented, marketed as a signal to various stakeholders, committed to EMS (environmental management systems)—14000 series is strictly internal and environmental. Does ISO offer certification?
  • Setting up and EMS—need same rigor as financial reporting, but units of measuremen are an issue—variable measures in environmental terms, different than dollar system. External frameworks establish some metrics within which to work.
  • Internal system of reporting may be more important—figuring out where we are with respect to environmental profile internally
  • Tuck School—planning business and sustainability conference, April 25—going to need students to help facilitate and provide data—want broader university support
  • Forest Sustainability Conference November 15-17

3. Model Office

  • Where and how would it work?
  • Benefits Fair, October 27/9
  • Having some equipment—list - some actual stuff, and then signs talking about all of it
  • Brochure or power point to present information afterwards?
  • Statistics about costs of personalizing office equipment instead of sharing it
  • Need to address: How much it costs to keep old printer around and on a computer...
  • What will produce the greatest savings? We need to pick out what the most important things are—minimize impact.
  • Lighting and refrigerators as significant things, the coffee machines always being on... Also computers, because there are so many. Especially the CRT monitors, and the printers—esp. the old ones
  • Are we buying any non-energy star computers? Yes, if purchased through the college, Are settings set to maximize energy star features? When they come from the computer store they are.
  • Overnight backups and getting computers to power off.... Windows machines can't shut down from backup system... this means a lot run all night... Computing is thinking about developing a script to make it shut down, but it hasn't happened yet.
  • Can we deal with offices that have multiple computers for one person?
  • Will keeping shades down at night help? Probably not. But keeping windows closed will.
  • Paper?? Looking at it, still trying... haven't been able to make relationships work.. forcing issue on 30% at least
  • ECO—took a look at who is not buying recycled paper and why
  • Someone needs to be at the display showing printer networking—Bill Hochstin will work on this part
  • Demonstrate a chair with 98% recycled materials, retrofitted desk.
  • Outlet with power strip attached to it
  • Light Switch on a board with the Dartmouth Conserves sticker
  • Coffee machine with fair trade coffee, copier, computer
  • Fax machines—new machines are faster, saves phone line charges, etc, etc
  • Printer and Copier and Fax Machine—Bill Hochstin will supply
  • Need to address what we might give away or raffle

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