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November Meeting Notes

November 12, 2002

Present: Larry Litten, Andy Friedland, Michael Blainey, Beth DiFransesco, Matt Lemberger, Michael Ricci, Bill Hochstin, Woody Eckels, Freya Sachs

  1. Review of Minutes from October Meeting
  2. FO&M News—Michael Blainey
    • Dartmouth/UNH setting up program to work on waste management program—industrial ecologist there—want to make it an electronic document—statewide resource website (Michael Blainey). Hank James, risk manager for the college, lots of noise about terrorism coverage, no one willing to reinsure those risks, purchasing implications for controls of potentially problematic materials; must turn around to Genesis, insurance company, aggregates risk from several schools (Michael Blainey)
  3. Waste Distribution Non-Profit, Bill Hochstin
    • Hochstin--working on export, acts change how we operate—have to change procedures. How will affect ability to recycle. Started non-profit, Jesse Foote, Stuart Lord, John Lee—operating out of Windsor, VT will be providing surplus for 3rd world export, medical exports, recycling for schools—DHMC involved as well. Have incorporated, board of directors formed. Still maintain waste, direct to ISO-14000 company we have been using—cover computers, scientific and medical supplies, electronics. Blainey—will have to look really carefully for mercury, pcb, etc—goal is to open it as a regional resource, probably going to have truck deliver on appointment, etc. waste district might have collection days, and then process it through. Have distributed over 1200 computers to local schools through Good News Computers
  4. Model Office
    • Freya took signs and put them into powerpoint preservation—two uses: departmental reps program, go through this presentation once gets polished up. The other thing would be to put it up on the RWG website—look at it for form, and then look at content. Send out, ask for critique in terms of both form and content. Next time for real office, need space—in middle of the room so that people aren't just grabbing things. Photographs—look at ergonomics website, real Dartmouth people, important to give context. Is it possible to set up a real model dorm room or office somewhere on campus? Idea is not to be perfect, do the best you can with what you are given. Want to put it out where people aren't as like minded as ENVS office. Once get presentation down, then try and find a place to implement a model office. Harvard and Tulane working on this front. Sets the standard on more than paper. Michael Blainey—building as a good place to set up the model office because parking and accounts payable are there. Possibility of model dorm room? Not enough beds. model office in new ORL offices? Set up through ECO to have one room as a real functional room that students live in, etc. Access to dorm room? When used—during orientation, prospective student weekend. Set up a room and do a virtual tour on the website. Good way to see what is actually there. Woody will talk to Dean Redman about where to go next. ORL/ECO letter to incoming freshman. Dean Zimmerman has to approve any content in that packet. RWG intern in winter will work on this. We will send out the presentation, everyone go through and critique form and content.
  5. Departmental Reps
    • Only had one meeting at Roth Center, 30-35 people showed up. People very interested, how recruited? Freya go through and check current list, identify holes, send out list, have another meeting. Is a presentation on model office a reasonable focus for first meeting? Yes. Ideas and suggestions, take back to the field winter term. Frank--Good vehicle to get energy statistics out to building, someone who can say here are the numbers, here is what we are doing, etc. help with recycling as well. More of a project for a group like RWG than ECO—jointly done would be good. Issue of 30% paper for dept reps meeting.
  6. VT Earth Institute Sustainability Initiative
    • Target to departmental reps, make a broader announcement to come to introductory meeting early in January. How best publicize this type of thing? Front page thing in VOX, linking on webpage. Departmental Reps meeting early in December.
  7. ECO update
  8. Tree Free—
    • GOTI(Greening of the Ivies) met about 3 weeks ago ‡ forming of ILEC (Ivy League Environmental Council)—both students and purchasing are currently working on this project
  9. Environmental Reporting Options—Paul Ligon, Tuck School
    • Reporting back on state of his report, wants additional commentary from RWG members on the content and direction of his report.

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