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May Meeting Notes

May 14, 2002


1) ECO Tours

2) Vending Miser

3) Energy Intern Report

4) Sustainable Wood Furniture

5) Light switch Stickers

6) Diesel Fuel from Cooking Oil

7) Hybrid Automobiles

8) RWG Web site

1) ECO Tours:

Bill Hochstin reported on his tour of Dartmouth facilities and off-campus recycling/composting facilities for a group of middle school students to Dartmouth to take tours of college facilities. Tour stops included the organic farm, the power plant, Thayer dining hall (with drinks given out), a dorm, trucks collecting trash and recycling, Northeast Waste, and the compost facility. Members of ECO assisted.

The success of the tour led to a discussion of how additional tours might be conducted, both for off-campus constituencies and for students and staff on-campus. ECO plans a tour of this sort for entering first-years this fall. The Dartmouth College Today model was suggested for staff. One possibility is to have four shorter tours during the year: A) the Organic Farm, B) the power plant, C) the dining halls (focusing on recycling/composting), and D) the model office being developed in Environmental Studies. PowerPoint exhibits could provide supplementary information about off-site facilities such as the compost facility and Northeast Waste.

2) Vending Miser:

Bill Hochstin reported on the snag that we've hit in the installation of Vending Miser energy-saving devices. Coca-Cola is supportive, but Diebold (the company that produces the electronic payment cards that are used on campus) has not delivered a necessary hold-harmless letter. Gregg Husband will follow up with Diebold.

3) Energy Intern:

Niaz Karim '03 shared the work he is doing on graphing energy usage by the campus and by individual buildings. His efforts are being informed by the University of Florida's sustainability report that employs the Global Reporting Initiative model. He is working on improving the square footage component for more precise analysis and will develop separate academic-year and summer data.

4) Sustainable Wood Furniture:

Bill Hochstin reported that the renovated Trustees' Conference Room in Parkhurst will have a table made from wood harvested from the sustainable forest at Dartmouth's Second College Grant. Win Johnson suggested that the room contain a photographic display and description of the production process.

5) Light switch Stickers:

,000 conservation stickers have been distributed to the custodial staff for placement in a variety of buildings. Publicity for the campaign was carried in the Vox and ECO is doing a weeklong promotion of energy saving. Another 5,000 stickers are being ordered.

6) Diesel Fuel from Cooking Oil:

Scott Stokoe sent the committee an e-mail about Charlie White's project that will turn cooking oil into diesel fuel. Andy Friedland pointed out that although there are some major questions about the environmental costs of growing biomass fuel sources that require petroleum in their production, this proposed use of recycled oil that was produced for other purposes avoids these issues. The relative costs and value of using the cooking oil for this purpose, compared to its present use in the manufacture of soap, needs to be evaluated.

7) Hybrid Automobiles:

Win Johnson shared the positive experience he had when he took his first trip (to Boston) in the Toyota Prius that Dartmouth has added to its fleet of rental cars. A Honda Civic is on order.

8) RWG Web Site:

The draft RWG Web site that Jesse Foote has developed was displayed and discussed briefly. Because time was running out, Larry Litten said he would send the URL to all members of the committee and request that they send their comments and suggestions directly to Jesse.

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