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December Meeting Notes

December 10, 2002

Present: Larry Litten, John Gratiot, Mats Lemberger, Brent Reidy, Freya Sachs, Karen Fisher-Vanden, Dave Harrison, Frank Roberts, Bill Hochstin, Lisa Ashworth, Greg Husband, Jack Wilson, Adam Keller

1. November Meeting Notes—Approved.

2. Environmental Reporting (after Ligon report)

  • ENVS 50 will look at what data Dartmouth has, different options for reporting—a meeting will take place next week on how it will move forward. P. Ligon will talk with the Provost next Tuesday about the report. What next? Gratiot—need to try and get a commitment from Provost and President towards something—how does this intersect with the budget cuts? Need to be emphasizing that money can be saved. Fisher-Vanden—need Provost/Vice President and Treasurers Office to be the client. Need to display sensitivity to pricing issues--what can be told in view of contracts, etc. Focus on environmental side of the GRI for ENVS 50 and be sure to look at other models also, see what those guidelines are like, some sort of catalogue may be available from USLF by mid-January to look at the different models that are available. If possible, have one group look at social and financial side of things, but big areas are waste and energy emissions.

3. Student Assembly Resolution—passed by SA and given to the President.

  • There was a lunch with president. Discussion of paper pricing for 30% and 100% recycled paper followed because of the SA focus on this topic. There is a bigger financial difference between the two types of paper than originally thought. How can we advance testing? We need to get paper tested across campus. Procurement will arrange for more tests. What about working with more local schools instead of with the Ivies. Right now, about 93% of campus is using 30% recycled paper—testing will probably begin in January or so? How about charging for student print-outs? Everyone should take a look at the SA Report

4. Departmental Reps—Meeting hopefully will happen in January , using model office power-point as a presentation. In January we shall go through presentation and get it ready for roll-out.

5. Model Dorm Room—Dean Redman is supporting. Meeting held off until January because it should involve students. What about Energy Star? Cadmus Consulting Group in Boston, helps schools implement Energy Star programs and has a showcase dormroom. Cadmus really interested in helping Dartmouth work through model dorm rooms, office, etc. It's free because US Government/EPA Program—we need to sign up as an Energy Star Partner, provide a lot of benchmarking, energy provider software, etc—standards that need to happen, pledge to make an improvement. When we last looked at this, resources were the big issue—Energy Star requires commitments to improvements and we have already made major improvements. Further improvements would be very costly. How do older buildings play into it? FO&M will look at Energy Star again and see how it would pertain to our present situation and capabilities.

6. Kyoto Protocol—Frank Roberts—oil and electricity—CO2 production—Kyoto

  • 7% reduction from 1990 levels by 2010—Kyoto is just a straight reduction, doesn't look at square footage—many challenges to deal with, NH purchase power already very clean, etc. It would be difficult to achieve the reductions required by Kyoto without having access to natural gas.

7. ECO/RWG convergence of interests. Brent Riedy said that he is going to focus on better communication among environmental groups and wants to focus on conservation, not just recycling.

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