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Member List

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Member List:

  • Computing Services: Rita Murdoch, Director, Support & Fiscal Services
  • Dartmouth Dinning Services: Beth DiFrancesco, Purchasing Manager
  • Dartmouth Medical School: David Harris, Director of Facilities
  • Dean of the College Office: David Leenders, Assoc Executive Officer
  • Environmental Health and Safety: Michael Cimis, Chemical Hygiene Officer
  • Environmental Studies Department: Andrew Friedland, Professor
  • Facilities Planning Office: Jack Wilson, Associate Director
  • Facilities, Operations & Management: John Gratiot, Assoc. VP
  • Facilities, Operations & Management: Steve Shadford, Energy Engineer (co-chair)
  • Facilities, Operations & Management: Frank Roberts, Director of Operations
  • Facilities, Operations & Management: Gary Hill, Director, Custodial & Recycling Services
  • Facilities, Operations & Management: Ken Packard, Assistant Director, Engineering & Utilities
  • Office of Residential Life: David Eckels, Director of Residential Operations
  • Procurement Services: William Hochstin, Materials Management Coordinator
  • Provost's Office: Kathy Lambert, Sustainability Manager (co-chair)
  • Real Estate Office: Robert Christensen, Property Manager
  • Student Intern: Sean Milich
  • Vice President and Treasurer Office: Adam Keller, Executive Vice President

Last Updated: 1/23/09