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The Department of Russian
6085 Reed Hall Room 201
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-3562
Telephone: (603) 646-2070
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Department Chair
Professor John
Department Administrator
Karen DeRosa,

Renaming and Renumbering of Russian Courses

In an effort to make the rationale of its course numbers more logical, the Russian Department has renumbered four of its courses. In some cases, we have also changed the titles of courses. Courses on your transcripts will remain with the old numbers and titles. Courses you have not yet taken will carry the new numbers and titles.
  • Russian 15. Introduction to Russian Civilization has become
  • Russian 10. Introduction to Russian Civilization
  • Russian 11. Russian Popular Culture has become
  • Russian 11. Special Topics in Russian Popular Culture
  • Russian 39. Ethnicity and Nationalism in Russia and the Neighboring States has become
  • Russian 12. Ethnicity and Nationalism in Russia and the Neighboring States
  • Russian 14. Faces of Totalitarianism: A History of a Nation through a History of a Medium has become
  • Russian 14. The Age of Brainwashing: A History of Russian and Eastern European Film
  • Russian 38. When offered as a theater course has become
  • Russian 18. Russian Theater
  • Russian 31. Russian Literature of the Golden Age in Translation has become
  • Russian 31. Transgressive Novels: Masterpieces of Russian Fiction
  • Russian 32. Modern Russian Literature in Translation has become
  • Russian 32. Twentieth-Century Russian Literature: Revolution, Terror, and Art
  • Russian 36. Tolstoy and the Problem of Death has become
  • Russian 36. “The Seer of the Flesh”: Tolstoy’s Art and Thought
  • Russian 62. Structure of Modern Russian has become
  • Russian 48. Structure of Modern Russian
  • Russian 71. Topics in Russian Literature has become
  • Russian 71. Advanced Seminar in Russian Culture

Russian Department Course Numbering System

Language Courses

First-Year 1, 2, 3
LSA+ 21, 22, 23
Second-Year 27, 28, 29
Advanced Language 41, 42, 43
Special Topics in Language 45
Structure of Modern Russian 48 (old 62)

Literature Courses

19th–century survey 31
20th’-century survey 32
Dostoevsky 35
Tolstoy 36
Special Topics in Literature 38

Culture Courses

Russian Civilization 10 (old 15)
Russian Popular Culture 11
Ethnicity and Nationalism 12 (old 39)
Slavic Folklore 13
Faces of Totalitarianism 14
Russian Theater 18 (old 38)
Understanding the Russians 19

Culminating Experience Courses

Advanced Seminar in Russian Culture 71
Senior Seminar 86
Thesis 87

Last Updated: 11/18/10