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The Department of Russian
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Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-3562
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Professor John
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Thérèse Perin-Deville,
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Evgenii Kazartsev


Visiting Associate Professor Winter & Spring 2013

Eugene Kazartsev was born in St. Petersburg 12/19/1972, doctor of philology, associate professor, expert in Russian literature, in comparative metrics and prosody and in the history of the Slavic and European Verse, the poet.

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Select Publications

The Influence of Verse Rhythm on the Poet's Prose. In: Russian Philology № 8, Tartu (Dorpat), 1997 Pp. 178–182

Rhythm of Occasional Iambus Tetrameter in Poets' Prose. In: St. Petersburg State University Bulletin № 1, Series 2: History, Linguistics, and Literary Studies, 1998. Pp. 53–61

Einige Besonderheiten der Rhythmik in den Prosawerken A. Puschkins. In: Arion, Jahrbuch der Deutschen Puschkin-Gesellschaft. Band 4, 1999. Pp. 128–136

M. V. Lomonosov's Odes' Rythm and the Three Style" Theory. In: Jury-Lotman-Collection of Scholarly Works (Lotmanovskij sbornik) № 3, Moscow: OGI, 2004. Pp. 41–58

J. Stählin's Ode of 1741 in M. V. Lomonosov's Translation (Rythmic Issues). In: Russkaia literatura 2005 № 1, Pp. 81–91. Co-author M. A. Krasnoperova

Dictionary of the Doktor Faust Folk Book and the Rhythm of German Verse. In: Moscow State University Bulletin, № 2, 2005, Series 9, «Philology». Pp. 128–138

Zum Problem der Entstehung des syllabotonischen Versmaßsystems im europäischen Vers. In: Glottometrics 13. Editors: G. Altmann, K.-H. Best u a. 2006. S. 1–22

Iambic tetrameter of M. Opitz and the rhythmics of the Dutch verse. In: Bulletin of Moscow University, Philology. 2008 № 2, Мoscow, 2008. Pp. 44–53

Types of Interaction between Meter and Language in Relation to the Spread of the Syllabo-tonic in European Verse from the End of the 16th Century to the Mid 18th Century. In: Glottotheory 2008, № 1, Pp. 31–37

M.V. Lomonosov's Ode "Na den' tezoimenitstva... Petra Feodoroviča 1743 g." in the Context of the Problem of the Sources of Russian Syllabo-tonicism. In: Russkaia literatura 2010, № 2, Pp. 83–90.

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